Farewell to London

During these few months, I completed an 120-hour-internship in a Marriott hotel and twelve credits classes (including three credit internship course). I worked as a human resource associate in the hotel so my daily work including classifying files and folders, check the attendance records of the whole institute, help deliver some associate benefits such as roses in Valentine’s Day, participate in the interviews and etc. My classes includes international human resources, organizational behavior, some general economy stuffs and class combined with my internship experience. I enjoyed London the city as well. I visited some famous sites such as the British museum, the Hollywood Palace and the Edinburgh Castle. I love the Hyde Park when there was a sunny day. The food there was really delicious especially for the afternoon tea. My friends and I spent a fantastic day at F&M.

I learned a lot about the international economy and human resource both theoretically and practically. It’s interesting to know about the difference between London and Pittsburgh from an international student’s point of view. It was the first time I know about the effect of economy on the development of history. A deeper understanding of the past could help cultivate my own ability of expectation for the future evolvement.

My internship made me know a lot about the hotel industry in UK especially in London. The stress caused by Brexit was not so obvious but could be seen any where. Twenty-hour internship per week was a good exercise for me because the rules are always more strict then when we are studying at school. I learned to get prepared well and always remember to leave some time and energy for accidents. For example, the weather might affect the operation of underground or might block the bridge on my way work. The professor might forget to send the  instruction of group project but it could not be the reason to delay the final group presentation. These variables are all unpredictable but we must be prepared well to face them at any moment under any circumstances.

This chance helped me grow and become a more knowledgeable one as an international student. I hope I could share what I have learnt with my friends in Pittsburgh campus. What’s more, I tried to encourage them to take a try on this sort of international experience and I succeeded. One of them has certified that he will visit London for study and internship in a few months.