Adaptability and Sunburn


Week 3 has come and gone yet it feels like I stepped off of the plane just yesterday.  Over the course of this past week I have had to continue to adjust to my new internship by remaining adaptable and flexible.  Like I previously mentioned in my last post, there a decent amount of ambiguity when it comes to start and end times of the work day.  At first I was shocked to hear that I can arrive “around” a certain time rather that a concrete time for which I have to be at work.  Nonetheless, I have adjusted by switching to a more easygoing mindset when it comes to going to and leaving work; although I still tend to be the first one in the office.  Another thing that I have had to adapt to is the ambiguity when it comes to getting assignments from my boss.  Typically, my boss will give me something to do in the morning and will briefly describe the objective before returning to his office.  He doesn’t tell me when he needs it done by nor does he entirely clarify how I should complete it.  In my previous jobs, I have never run into these issues; I would always receive a thorough explanation and a concrete due date.  I’ve had to adjust by setting due dates for myself and asking clarifying questions in order to maintain a sort of structure that I am used to.

After completing my third week here in Madrid, my friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Valencia which is located on the east coast of Spain.  We embarked on our four hour bus ride on Friday afternoon and were eager to experience the town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  We arrived just before dinner time and enjoyed Spain’s famous paella.  The six of us split the Paella Valenciana which is a dish that includes rice, lima beans, chicken, peppers and many spices.  It was delicious!  Afterwards, we explore  the town and took in all that it had to offer; we visited the central fountain, listened to various street performers, walked in the park and spent time at the Marina.  The following day we spent at la playa de Marvillosa.  Upon walking onto the beach, I was taken back by the beautiful blue water that laid before me which seemed to engulf the foggy mountains in the distance; it was a sight I will never forget.

For the remainder of the day we took in the hot sun, walked along the coast, swam in the ocean and enjoyed some delicious street food on the beach.  It was a very relaxing day however I am currently paying the price of putting on my sunscreen poorly as my skin looks like a ripe tomato in the middle of summer.  Nonetheless, it was a great day.  Afterwards, we went out for some seafood–Valencia is famous for it’s shellfish.  My friend and I devoured the Paella de Mariscos which included prawns, mussells, rice, lima beans and plenty of native spices.  After stuffing our faces, we attended a local concert, watched the Valencia marathon, treated ourselves to some gelato and walked around the city once more.

On Sunday, we started our day by enjoying some cafe con leche and some breakfast.  From breakfast we walked throughout the city once more and visited the Valencia Park River.  The park used to be a river during the 20th century but due to a major flood, it forced the government to drain the water into the ocean.  The flood damaged a good bit of the town but the government turned tragedy into a transformative park which is now one of Valencia’s most iconic sites to visit.  Afterwards, we dined on some churros and chocolate and later returned to Madrid.

It was an amazing weekend and I look forward to the next one in Barcelona!

Hasta luego