The Working Life

So I have complete my first week at my internship, and I have to say that I honestly love it. My boss Martin is a great person, who truly cares about the knowledge and experience I can gain from this internship. Due to this, Martin gives me tasks to complete that are actually relevant to both my majors and future real-world business interactions. Martin understands that this internship is a first-step to actually becoming a businessman and has already begun giving me tasks that are needed to be done in every business, as well as tasks specific to this business. In only a week, I have gained more experience relative to what I will be doing with the rest of my life than any other job that I have held.


The tasks that I have been given range from operational activities to accounts management to the actually planning of a venue for a musician. It is crazy to think that I am already this immersed into the business and I have only been working there a week. Like I said earlier, Martin is very aware as to what tasks he should be giving me that will help me experience the most important parts of running and operating a business. But when my boss gives me tasks, he gives me a lot of freedom with regards to how and when I do the work. He often tells me to do something, but he makes sure to never give me explicit instructions as to how I should do it. That allows me to figure out the most effective way that fits my style in order to complete the task. But just because he gives me a lot of freedom in my tasks does not mean that he leaves me in the dark when it comes to information. Martin is very willing to answer any and all questions that I have about anything, either relating to my tasks or relating to the business or relating to anything else. Since he is a business owner who built his business from the ground up, he has so much valuable information to give and he is always willing to share some knowledge or tips to me, which I am extremely thankful for. Incorporating all of this, I have found it pretty easy to manage my time with regards to my tasks. Since I am given a good amount of freedom to complete my tasks, I am able to figure out what works best for me. Doing this, I can complete my tasks with relative ease while also sticking to processes that I have the most amount of experience with. Another thing I really like about how Martin goes about giving me tasks is that he does not usually give me a set time to finish any tasks. It is just accepted that the task will get done in an acceptable amount of time, which I really appreciate and honestly think that this way going about tasks actually makes me more willing to complete these tasks. When it comes to due dates if there is ever a hard date placed on any task, I often find that I procrastinate until the last moments, which piles up my responsibilities and causes me to miss due dates or make stupid mistakes. Since there is no due time for most of these tasks, I can do them at my own place while also figuring out my style of work. When it comes to prioritizing my tasks, I have noticed that I usually do the shortest tasks first, and then pace myself through the longer tasks. This works bets for both me and the company, as I finish my tasks effectively and make a positive impact on the company as a whole.


Overall, I have loved my first week on the job, and I am excited to see what I have in store. Outside of work, I did not do anything too exciting this week, as I am still adjusting to working eight hours a day, five days a week. I have been able to explore the city of Dublin more, as well as the surrounding areas and the beauty that comes with it. Once I am more used to working this often, I will be more willing to travel and experience the rest of this country. Hopefully that begins this week, which I believe it will. A little secret, I get to work in the office by myself this week for a bit due to the other employees traveling, so I am excited to gain the trust of my boss and show him that I will continue to work and complete my tasks even though I am alone.