Time Flies

I can’t believe it’s already week 2! Time really does fly by when you are having fun. My internship has been an amazing experience. I work with a myriad of people, so I am able to witness all of the different parts of a marketing department. First, there is Ciara, who is the marketing manager and she takes care of most of the events, and larger projects. Next, I am working with Gary, their graphic designer who spends most of his time creating the new website. Lastly, they also have a social media manager named Martha, whom I have helped out a few times. I created posts for their Facebook for exercise classes during the upcoming week. Since, the Elbowroom is creating a new website, I therefore get to see the backend of how a company makes a successful and easy to use website. We’ve been looking at the information, the pictures, the tabs and setup, and even how a customer would perceive the site. It’s been a lot of fun getting to work alongside professionals who are experts in their field and feel that they have a lot to teach me. I’ve gotten to write a few posts for their social media as well as compile research for the new website. Currently, I am working on finding information from their old website having to do with pregnancy, pre and post-natal care, and infants and children. I sit in on their marketing meetings as well and listen as they talk about the upcoming work week and assign me new tasks. Time management has not been a problem in my internship. I find that I am able to stay focused and get all of my work done and turn it in before the end of the day. I am still working on gaining my coworker’s trust, so I find that the harder I work, the more pleasantly surprised they are at the outcome. This week they have already started to give me more tasks and place more trust in my abilities. Although I have more work on my plate, I have no doubt that I will be able to get it done on time. My boss has been happy with what I have done so far, and is pleased with the time frame in which I actually complete it. This company is different from the United States because they don’t have set dates for me to finish a task. Instead, they provide me with the necessary tools and I work as hard and for as long as I want on a particular project, and then they look it over and give me critiques. Everyday it’s something different, so I try to put forth as much effort as I can for each one.

 They never give me too many projects at one time, and they always allot a fair amount of time dedicated to allowing me a little bit of freedom and space with my work. I always ask questions about what they want done, how they want it done, and when they want it by. The Irish culture here is a bit more relaxed professionally than it is at home. Therefore, they typically don’t have a preference of when I turn in my work as long as I have worked hard on it. Some days I finish earlier than others, and they will either give me more work or if it’s close enough to the end of the day, I can leave early. This provides me with more time to explore the city of Dublin and focus on exactly what I want to get out of this experience. Overall, my supervisor has been wonderful with explaining different tasks to me and also allowing me to do it on my own time. Time management has not been a problem, so as long as I keep working hard and finishing them in a reasonable time manner, I will succeed in this internship.

I am able to take classes down at the elbowroom studios which will provide me with more insight on how to market certain classes. In addition, it’s been helpful to assist more than one person because I actually get to deal with all parts of the business. Wherever they need additional help is where I go, and it’s been a great learning experience. I have to adapt and prepare for a new role each day, be it marketing or event planning or even helping the owner herself write some new articles, it’s been eye opening. They really care a lot about their customers and want to help them through either watching the children of working parents or aiding new moms in their pregnancy. It’s more about the people rather than the business, which is an interesting change.

In addition to my internship, I’ve also been trying to discover and learn about Ireland as a whole. Over the weekend we were able to visit Howth which is about an hour outside of Dublin and was absolutely gorgeous. We went on a hike around the area and explored the lighthouses and pier. Throughout the week we have mainly been hanging around city centre and I’ve been able to walk around the city by myself trying to immerse myself in the culture.