Week 4: Long Story to Say Hi Again

I have never thought about to go back to one place again or at least that quick. Different from Berlin, the portion of people in Munich speaking English is much smaller. I have asked several people and they told me that Berlin does not have such idea of city centre but yes to Munich. I feel like people’s dressings are also somewhat different in Berlin and Munich. In general, living in Munich is somewhat more expensive than living in Berlin. We visited the Neuschwanstein Castle (yes again) but it’s under construction these days for some parts of the castle. We tried book the tickets one week ahead on the official website but they were sold out but luckily we were able to book it through an agency. The most exciting part to me this time is the trip to Königssee! It’s not big but everything there is amazing. Nature beauty is always the best! So sad we didn’t have enough time to do the climbing there and personally I really wanna try paragliding near the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Yesterday was an exciting day but also being a long day with a long story. A lot things happened: German Whit Monday (means nothing happens), flight issues, traffic jams, and something terrible regarding one of my friends. It was 3pm, we received the notification for our 6pm flight being cancelled and I still don”t know why. I was then arranged to the 7pm flight back to Berlin with one transfer in Frankfurt. We called and rescheduled a direct flight back to Berlin departing at 7pm. But when we arrived at the airport, we were told that we could not get on the flight because it was overbooked and there were also 12 other people who could not get on the flight (it also turned out that this flight was delayed and then cancelled). There are two options offered to us: either to get a voucher for the train back to Berlin or fly on Tuesday morning instead. Since at that point all flights were stucked there due to bad weather and there were no other available seats as well. Apparently, we chose to take the first flight on Tuesday morning and so lucky we were able to get on it, as one flight attendant told me that this flight was also overbooked as well. Waking up at 4:30am and now sitting in the office to write the blog, I’m definitely gonna go straight back to sleep tonight. Everything can be solved and just be calm whenever it comes. It was so tired but also exciting this time. I bet I would never forget what happened for this trip to Munich.

In terms of the culture, so far it all seems fine to me. One thing somewhat hard for me is the way of speaking here. Since Germany is a country in Europe, many people here speak more or less British English. As an international student, communicating with a second language is already a challenge, not to say another type of English. Especially many German speak in a smoother way without any changes in tones like my manager. Therefore, I often try to pay more attention when talking to people. Another things is that sunset here is relatively late so people tend to go dinner late. I don’t know if it because of that, lunch is also somewhat late. But I’m getting used to it somehow. Stores here generally close at 8pm, for which bakeries usually close at 7pm and open at 9am. Thus, sometimes it’s a bit struggle to find out what should I eat for breakfast. I usually get out of work at 6pm and there is not enough time to get to a bakery to buy something beforehand for tomorrow morning. However, somehow I always got something to eat for my breakfast lol. The thing I struggled the most I guess is lunch as people usually bring something they already prepared. So I often buy something the night before or salads/bowls before work. Whatever happens just happens and will become small steps in my journeys.