Transportation in Buenos Aires

There’s a many different modes of transportation! I recommend learning to use a combination of all of them.


  • Taxi – Great for when you’re running late for something, for when you can split a ride with your friends, or for when you’re going out a night. Taxis are generally more cheaper to use in Buenos Aires than in the United States. It’s really easy to hail a taxi on the street, or call one using an app like Cabify. You have to be careful though! I’ve met a few sketchy cab drivers here that try to rip you off by driving you around aimlessly and even some that don’t have proper license papers. Usually you don’t need to tip your cab drivers unless they’ve helped you with a suitcase or taken you on a longer trip (then, approximately 10% is a good tip)!
  • Subte – I took the subte every morning and afternoon on the way to and from my internship. It’s really easy to figure out, and usually pretty fast! It gets crowded though, and the smell isn’t always the best, but it’s one of my favorite ways to get around the city. To use it, you need to load up your sube card in the underground stations or at different kioscos around the city.


  • Collectivo – Taking the bus is a super common way to get anywhere you need to go in Buenos Aires. Interestingly though, the bus system is privatized, so the busses come in a variety of colors and models. The bus stops can be tricky to find (sometimes they’re just a sticker on another sign) and you really have to wave them down! You also have to tell the bus driver which stop you’re getting off at. In my opinion, the 39 is definitely the fastest and most wild bus. To use it, you need to load your sube card.
  • Biking – There’s lots of easy to use city bikes around Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, I didn’t utilize them because the drivers are crazy here and I was a little nervous to bike in the city, but some of my friends loved this mode of transport.
  • Walking – Buenos Aires is the lovliest city to walk in. The architecture is interesting and there’s tons of bakeries and parks and restaurants to walk by! But, watch out you don’t step in something gross!