Heat wave

Pitt business has definitely prepared me for my experiences here in Ireland. When they say from the classroom to the city to the world they were not joking. I love seeing my work in the classroom translate into a real setting. The classes that have translated the best are my finance and Business Information Systems classes. I am constantly asking about their databases and how they work with them. I also wonder about how they use the finances and have noticed how they plan to meet certain goals.

When asking about the different information systems I have learned how much needs improving. They have plans for many new info systems and updates, in both the front end and the back end. They also under utilize their current system. One worker was telling me that they learn as they go and that with one system they have not needed to put in a new system because they keep discovering new features. This means that they are currently not using it to its full capacity. a member of payroll told me that when he came in they had almost no idea what they were doing with the system. he was told that he could not perform certain functions and then he later found out that he could. Other workers were simply not using most features of the info system. He told me that they needed training on the system but never got it. I started to laugh a little bit and he told me yes it is a bit ridiculous. I don’t know if that is an issue with the provider, the company itself or both. my guess would be both. If you are providing a service to a company and they are not using it effectively. They would be more likely to switch because they don’t see the system as effective. But if you are the company and you know their are certain features that would make you a more effective company, why would you not look into improving your systems? It is a very interesting situation that they should work on to become more effective.

In other news. I went to skerries during the heat wave with my friend Ryan carr and we went to a beach, had seafood, saw a very nice castle and did many other things. During low tide we tried to walk out to an island, but the water got too deep and we didn’t want to get our shorts wet, so we went back in. This was good because when we started to walk out, it was low tide and just starting to be high tide. When we went back later the path to the island was completely under water and it would have been a disaster if we went out and the water rose. Instead we went to the beach and castle which were both quite nice. We saw some beautiful gardens. I went swimming in the Irish sea. It was perfect weather for it because it was the heat wave, but since ireland is always around 50 to 60 degrees that meant the heat wave brought it up to 75 which made it perfect for swimming and not too hot. However, from all the walking and swimming I have become ill and have a cold. But I was sick last week too and missed a day because of that. so I don’t want to call in sick again even though I should for the good of my coworkers. It could be worse though. One of my fellow interns from SMU went to Spain this weekend and had her passport stolen so now she is stuck there for a few days. Sad. I also went biking in Pheonix park and saw the president’s house. It was very similar to the white house in a lot of ways except it was in a park and not in the center of a major city. I really need to go back to D.C. I have not been there in a while.

I have finally planned travel for going outside of Ireland. I will be going to london this weekend, Amsterdam the weekend after that and Switzerland the last weekend. I am very excited to see other parts of the world. It will be great to see the beautiful mountains in Switzerland, the enormous city of London and the different culture of Amsterdam. However, I have heard that Amsterdam is like the los vegas of Europe, and I am not a big party/los vegas type of person so hopefully the touristy type of thing will still be nice for someone like me.

I also started watching the HBO hit series Chernobyl. Quite good. Very scary that it is a true story. Makes you think.