Time, Travels, and Troubles


As this program draws to a close I am incredibly excited to report that I have done a great deal of travelling recently. In early June, my roommate Carly and I made a day trip to Brighton Beach in southern England. It was an incredibly windy day on the beach itself, therefore we stayed mainly in the town where there was a lot of great shopping and food! Just a week later, I hopped on a flight to Zurich, Switzerland! Our time in Zurich was more than anything I could have imagined. We made a day trip to Interlaken, Switzerland as well, which is now my second favorite place in the world (after London, of course). We later took a trip to Cambridge which was short but very informative and fascinating. We were able to see all of the different “colleges” within the university, which was interesting when compared to the U.S. collegiate system. My friends and I were also fortunate enough to win tickets to see James Corden and, no less, were chosen to sit front row! 

Interlaken, Switzerland

Carly and me punting in Cambridge!

As I mentioned, my time in London is nearly over, and I will be equally as sad to leave my roomates as I am to leave this beautiful city. We have become so close over the past six weeks, supporting each other through any opportunity or challenge presented. We all had an internship position, and were each very fond of our placements, yet, we faced many challenges and were forced to work through them together. Knowing that other people were experiencing the same issues as I made the international internship experience much less stressful. 

Towards the end of this semester I began facing a new difficulty that I had not experienced previously. As I tried to cram more and more sight-seeing into my evenings, I had more and more trouble getting up for work. My days were consistently very packed, and I became very tired. Because of this, I would wake up late pretty consistently, and, instead of being able to take the bus as I had preferred, I had to take the tube. Taking the bus in the morning was one of my favorite parts of the day, so losing this was very upsetting. However, I became much better at using the tube and at managing my time. I began to feel like a true Londoner!

The next time I blog will be from the United States. Going home will surely be bittersweet, though, for the next week I will be visiting Amsterdam and Paris with my mom.

Au revior!