Celebrating Diversity Abroad

London is an incredibly dynamic city with such a rich and complex history and a future that will undoubtedly be fascinating. Being able to live in a city that is global in every sense has been absolutely amazing. Without even having to leave London’s borders I feel that I have been able to experience and interact with so many different and rich cultures. From trying out one of the many curry houses on Brick Lane (the most curry houses on any one street in the world!), window shopping all the beautiful Batik fabrics in the Brixton market, trying out some authentic dim sum in Chinatown, and so much more, there is just so much to experience in this city. I feel like I am walking away from my time in London with so much more experience in interacting with new cultures and so much more appreciation for diversity in today’s society. Even everyday in my daily interactions with strangers on the tube, at restaurants or just anywhere, I can honestly say that almost everyday I talked to someone who was not originally from the United Kingdom. The multiculturalism of London is so unique and central to London’s relevance as a global city and it is really an experience unlike anything you can get anywhere else.

London’s so-called “superdiversity” really stood out to me on paper but the experience that I have had interacting with so many rich cultures is beyond anything I could have imagined. Living in London has highlighted the importance of diversity and how the differences between everyone is what makes London such a fun and interesting place to be. Diversity is something that I have always valued, but seeing it pay off so successfully in the superpower city that is London really validates to me that diversity is so important and necessary for innovation!

My words of advice to anyone visiting London is to make sure you look beyond the Buckingham Palaces and London Eyes of London and give yourself some time to explore even just a few of the rich cultures that thrive in the city. (Of course still see Buckingham Palace and do the London Eye, they are slightly overrated but you just have to, it’s a London tourist rule). Explore the places that are not always on the ‘Top 10 Things to do in London’ lists and interact with the interesting and exciting cultures that are just a few tube stops away!