Final week in Berlin

I cannot believe that this is our final week here in Berlin. I am always stunned by balancing how incredible it feels to live somewhat long-term in a new place with genuinely how fast the time flies. Since arriving here, we have been overstimulated with all kinds of new experiences and opportunities; somehow the days have felt so long and packed, but the two months has flown by. Also the bond that grows so quickly with friendships made through study abroad always amazes me. Being forced to live with and spend time with a group of people for a considerable amount of time in a foreign land, you grow close fast. I will cherish the friendships I made from all of my journeys abroad. 

As we approach this final week of working, I have thought a lot about what my contribution to my company has been—have I been influential and valuable to my company in the 8 weeks? Would I consider this internship a personal success in terms of utilizing the experience and integrating it upon arrival back home? I suppose it didn’t really hit me until these final two weeks or so. Unintentionally, but at times, I would occasionally feel as though the work I was doing didn’t reflect my full potential, or didn’t contribute much. I have been largely responsible for uploading content onto the conference website, and though this isn’t really related to what I study or even want to do with my life…when they realized they would be losing me as a resource and asset, they proposed offering me remote work from back home. Though it was just briefly mentioned and nothing has been decided, this has really resonated with me. I came into this internship open-minded, knowing that perhaps it wouldn’t directly connect to my fields of study. But ultimately, I wanted to gain professional experience in a setting where I felt my contributions would be recognized and appreciated. Simply, I wanted to feel useful and helpful. Sometimes inner conflict clouds judgement, but I know in my heart this has been a worthwhile experience.  

When it comes to the professional goals and successes of my company, much of it is perhaps indirectly rooted in politics and development. Evenson GmbH is the New Mobility World project office of the VDA (or German Association of the Automotive Industry). We are currently invested in planning and organizing the IAA Conference 2019 entitled “Beyond Mobility,” showcased at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany this September. It is one of the most important automotive exhibitions in the world and has been a success story for more than 100 years. It has promoted the development of mobility across the globe. Building on the success of past ´IAA expert events, this conference brings together revolutionary minds from all over the world—from industry to academia, and policy makers to visionaries. This September of 2019, the 68thIAA is taking a progressive step towards shaping the future of mobility by creating the first official IAA New Mobility World. 

Through this conference, my company has the has the opportunity to bring together international creators, thinkers, and stakeholders, including prominent representatives and newcomers from the automotive, energy and technology sectors, cities and governments, as well as the international media, to discuss the future of mobility trends. The conference has the unique opportunity to facilitate a discussion on how automation and connectivity, sustainable power and propulsion, smart city solutions and Mobility as a Service will steer a more sustainable, inclusive and convenient mobility. These themes will not only change how we get around, but how we live, work, and interact.

From meeting my coworkers, I saw them to be very determined, self-driven, and hard-workers. Each colleague is bright and intelligent in their own right, contributing diverse skills to the table. I believe this to be one of the reasons why collaboration and communication are strengths of this company office environment. In dealing with the challenges of project management and planning, I have recognized my company’s collaborative efforts, and ability to communicate effectively, efficiently, and directly. In having this strong foundation of basic, but important skills, they are able to work through challenges always holding the ideal of a greater potential to the highest standard. In other words, this conference has significant potential to profoundly impact the discussion on the future of mobility, sustainability, urbanization and development, transportation, climate change, etc. Considering this, the insights and objectives of my company’s conference team are to continuously set the bar high for planning an intelligent and powerful event.