This weekend, me and a group of people visited the city of Krakow, Poland. The weather and the city were amazing. While there we visited the massive castle that rises above the city. I really enjoyed my time spent there and it was even nicer because it is a lot less touristy of a place then Prague. Therefore nothing was ever that busy.

On Sunday, we made the trip to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Although I was prepared for a heavy day, nothing really could prepare me for what I learned and encountered. History is taught so mistakes don’t be repeated, but it is hard to fathom that the mistake of the Holocaust was ever made to begin with. Every building had a sad and terrible story within and it made me respect and honor those who were forced to suffer within its walls. Although it was a very heavy and emotional day, I feel as if though it was extremely important for me to have experienced it. It is one of the most important and horrific moments for mankind.

I feel as though Pitt has prepared me as much as possible for this internship. I do feel on the business side, I understand a lot and understand what they are attempting to do. I understand the importance of marketing and the importance of what they are attempting to do. What Pitt could not prepare me for is the constant changes and the daily differences there are in the startup world. Each day a new task is thrown my way, it may be in my field of study and it may be far out of it. So each day I have to be prepared to learn new things and new skills so I can make my days easier. I have had to learn how to market and not just the importance of it. Although I could have taken classes in marketing, I never have because I never felt as if I was heading in that direction for my career. To bridge the gap of knowledge I have to ask many questions to my supervisor and read many articles about the topic. Currently I think I have a pretty good base knowledge of marketing and feel as though I could employ a campaign for a company if need be.

Another space where Pitt did not prepare me for in this startup world is the wide usage of technology. Although yes, in class we use different programs and systems, my company utilizes new and groundbreaking technology every day. I really had to learn a lot of information on things such as block chain and API’s to work at my firm. My firm is not alone with this too. many people have expressed difficulties using the programs and technologies there companies use. Maybe if Pitt had more of these technologies within their classes then I could have better been prepared and ready.

Lastly, I feel as if I was not prepared for the differences in business culture. I understand this is because I am studying in a different country, I just didn’t think the differences would be as difficult to manage as they have been. Things like the more lax work space, the constant outside events, and the language barriers have all thrown me off. Since I am not taking international business, I did not know or expect these things. My bosses also almost work 24/7 because of their clients being international. Thankfully I don’t, but it really has amazed me how much adjustments I and my company has had to make.

Overall I believe Pitt has very well prepared me for the business and finance world. I know I could have a strong start back in the states. The issue is the differences being in another country and the always changing startup environment is very hard to anticipate and be ready for. I am beyond glad to have had this internship now, because I am learning so much information about this world. After this internship I will be prepared to enter a career in either the startup industry or the established business industry. That knowledge really excites me. I have a passion for both Entrepreneurship and Finance and now will have skill and experience on both sides. This will give me a better opportunity to stand apart from my competitors and make me look more appealing of a candidate for my dream job. I am excited for the coming weeks and can not wait to learn more.