Vienna Waits for No One

This week was only a four-day work week as Friday was a bank holiday in the Czech Republic that allows all businesses to shutdown. Since this is only a Czech holiday all of the companies that my company services still expected to get their regular shipment of parts making the four days we were here even busier and more stressful. Usually, Friday’s are the busiest day of the week as we send out at least three separate shipments that are usually the largest of the week. Since we weren’t in the office on Friday we had to coordinate with all of our customers to make separate shipment plans which came to be one of my responsibilities as it required constant emailing back and forth, so someone had to be at the desk all day. Working out agreements with each one of the customers seemed like a project in and of itself that I was doing over and over again but with different caveats each time depending on who I was communicating with. Luckily my boss and the other person who works in my office were walking in and out every once in a while so I could ask them questions when I needed to, but this was probably the most crucial task they have left me to do all by myself. Now that the week is over and all the shipments have gone out I can say everything went pretty smoothly, which was a huge relief to me, but I think the past week really highlighted an area that Pitt couldn’t have really prepared me for. This is one of the first times that I’ve really had tasks assigned to me that wasn’t somehow checked by a TA or graded using a test. Most of my tasks are pretty ambiguous and when they’re done there isn’t always a way for my boss to go back and look what I did, nor does my boss really want to do that. I appreciate the trust in me and that I’ve done well over the past few weeks to warrant that, but most things I do without my boss even looking at make me nervous that I’ve messed something up. Through talking with my friends in the program and my parents I’ve started to try and remind myself that there is a reason my boss is trusting me with such tasks and that I am at some point going to mess something up, but a little mistake is not the end of the world its all part of the learning process. Other than that I feel well prepared in terms of things I have learned from Pitt. While not all of my classes are directly applicable I do think that I recognize things I’ve learned in several classes almost every day whether it be a simple term or the concept of a larger issue my company deals with. The best skill I learned this year through school was working with excel and a few other SAP programs that my company uses almost every day. The knowledge of how to at least operate everything made the transition to using them much easier as well as gave me a baseline of comfort that I know at least part of what is going on. 

After the week was over I got to meet up with my family who flew in Thursday and are staying for a week here in Prague. It was awesome to finally be able to show them around the city and just get to have a conversation that wasn’t over the phone. Since I had a long weekend we decided we would take advantage and go to Vienna on Friday morning which is only a few hour train ride away. It was fun to explore a new city with my family and we definitely filled up our quick 72 hours there before coming back to Prague on Sunday afternoon just in time to see the U.S. women’s team win the world cup! The only part that stinks about having my family in town is that I still have to go to work every day while they are out enjoying the city. So far I haven’t had any trouble with motivation at work but I’m foreseeing some fear of missing out happening while I’m at work this week, but there are definitely worse problems to be having. This past week actually went by pretty quickly and made me realize how short my time left here in Prague really is. I only have fourteen more days with my entire office being here and a week after that where everyone is on vacation except a few employees!