Bye London

Reflecting back on my time in Europe and studying abroad it has made me ever more grateful that I was able to experience this. Everybody tells us in college that we should have a study abroad experience, but I didn’t realize how right they were until I did it myself. Gaining real world knowledge and taking classes in a different country has given me a whole different perspective on the world. Even though the UK speaks English there was still a learning curve. Some words are called something else and I needed to be able to understand what people meant especially during my internship when I had to make phone calls. Along with that, the tube and public transportation was very organized and once I got the hand if it, it was a life saver. Being able to get anywhere in the city within 30-45 minutes was the best thing. Towards the end of the trip we took a trip to Wimbledon and I am so glad I went. Even though we had to wait in line for close to 4 hours just to get inside, I think it was worth it because we got to experience what it’s like to be at such a prestigious tennis tournament. Just saying that I went to Wimbledon is a something to being back with me. Being able to travel for a few days after the program with my family has been great. Had I not come on this trip I may not have been able to show them around London the way I did