Remembering Buenos Aires

Now that is has been two weeks since I’ve returned home from Buenos Aires I have had a lot of time to reflect on my experience. In the six weeks I spent there, I learned so many different things- from getting around using the public transportation to communicating in Spanish with my coworkers during my internship or getting a kiss on the cheek for a greeting instead of a handshake. This experience has been invaluable to my personal, academic, and professional growth.

I am humbled not only to have had the opportunity not only to visit a foreign country, but also to fully immerse myself in it by living and working there. I have had an interest in the Spanish language and Latin American culture for many years. As a Spanish minor, I have studied to improve my skills through classes, books, and practice. Living in the heart of Argentina has allowed me to expand my understanding of the Spanish language and to grow personally. Being raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, I never experienced much cultural diversity. This experience has helped me prepare for a professional career in the ever growing global business world. I worked for a company called Daytours4u, a tourism company that connects customers with tour providers throughout South America. While there I worked in the social media marketing department writing posts and planning their posts for a few months. I was able to use my skills and knowledge I have gained throughout my time at the University of Pittsburgh to help the company I was working for. This experience was my first in this type of work and the skills I will bring away from it will serve as a sturdy foundation as I begin my career in the marketing and international business world.

My experience in Argentina taught me to be more flexible, and to not be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t sure what is going on. I was always afraid of doing something wrong at first, but I soon realized everything would go much more smoothly if I just asked if I wasn’t sure what someone said or what Iwas supposed to do. I will no doubt be a successful Pitt Alumni as I grow my career moving forward. The education I have received through my college years along with the invaluable experience from my six weeks in Buenos Aires will put me ahead in my career.