Closing this Chapter

This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to live, intern, and study in the amazing global city of London for six weeks. I interned at a five-star hotel called the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel where I was a human resources intern. I was there 3 days a week, and the other 2 days of the work week I was taking my classes at CAPA. At CAPA, I was in a class that went along with my internship that helped students translate their international intern experience into their future, and another class called Exploring London the Global City where we analyzed London from an urban studies standpoint. In my internship class, I was able to reflect on my internship and work on translating those experiences into my resume and future interviews. In my urban studies class, I learned so much about London and found myself able to appreciate London on a deeper level.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed both my classes and my internship, I did struggle at times with time management considering I had to fit in 20 hours a week of my internship, class-time and homework, and trying to explore London and other places in Europe. It got easier over time as I was able to adjust to my schedule in London, although at times my sleep schedule did suffer to make sure everything got done.

Living, interning, and studying in London has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was it fun and exciting, but it was also transformative for me on a personal level. I learned so much about London and its identity as a global city. I learned so much about human resources and what a job in HR really looks like. It was really amazing to be around HR professionals who were really passionate about what they do. It was really inspiring for me and made me so excited for my professional career. Through working with so many professionals and doing meaningful work, I really found confidence in myself that I am able to work at a high level and produce high quality work. I know that going into future internships or jobs, I will go into it having faith in myself and my ability to adapt new situations. Living and working in a city across the globe is the most different scenario I have faced, after all!  This self-confidence is something that is absolutely priceless. Overall, my experience abroad has made me a more fully formed, well-rounded person, and I can’t wait to see what my next adventure is!