Never Wanting to Leave

I find it difficult to believe that I have been in Ireland for almost two whole months already and that my time here is almost dwindling to an end. I feel as if I have done so much as a tourist and yet there is still so much more for me to do, but I guess I will have to fly back to Ireland again! I dislike the thought of having to leave such a beautiful country full of kind-hearted and welcoming people, as well. There are just too many things I love about Ireland that I cannot bear to leave! I may start my own summer tradition of traveling to Ireland for a couple weeks as an escape from the hectic and fast-paced American lifestyle. 

Throughout the week, though, I spent my days rather peacefully. On Saturday evening, I went to Howth with my friend to watch the sunset. I always keep forgetting that the sun sets at almost ten at night here in Ireland and it continues to amaze me. Howth was incredibly peaceful, especially as we strolled along the Cliff Walk. The sky was cloudy, so there was some difficulty seeing the sunset; however, the view was still remarkably beautiful. I am definitely going to miss all the coastal towns in Ireland, such as Howth, Bray and Galway. The towns provide such a soothing atmosphere and the seas are always brilliantly clear and blue. In essence, every place I have gone to in Ireland has been absolutely breathtaking.  

In terms of Ireland’s culture, success, even in a professional setting, seems to be defined as enjoying what you do as well as being able to have the time and leisure to enjoy yourself outside of work without having to worry about work. Throughout my time here, I have spoken with numerous locals and all of them always end up leaving me with one thought which is “you can worry and die, or you don’t worry and you still die, so why keep worrying?” There is a carefree mentality and love of life that I am unaccustomed to, but I would love to be able to think that way one day. 

As I mentioned previously, success is liking what you do and yet still being able to be relaxed. Just from my experience as an intern in Ireland, being effective is taking breaks in between your work rather than continuously working. As long as you are working at a comfortable pace and meeting expectations, you are considered a successful and effective employee. Another aspect of being a successful and effective employee is being able to assimilate into the work environment, more specifically, having a good attitude as well as having positive interactions with your coworkers and your supervisors. This characteristic coincides with the industry as a whole, too. Being able to work well with your assigned team or coworkers and having a good relationship with your superiors makes you an effective employee. 

There are a few differences I can think of in behaviors and actions on what is deemed as a “successful” employee between Ireland and the United States of America. In a professional setting in the States, “successful” is going above and beyond your scope of work and the expectations your superiors have of you. Your actions and behaviors are driven and motivated by the thought of climbing up the corporate ladder which leads to a higher paying salary and more esteemed position. In the United States, your actions are centered around you and what you want in society but in Ireland it is more of a collectivist view.