A Little Bit About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Connor Damon, and I am from Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania, which is about 25 minutes south of Oakland, where I attended Upper St. Clair High School and graduated with honors. I am an incoming freshman student here at Pitt enrolled in the College of Business Administration in the PittBusiness Honors Program. In the CBA, I plan on majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management with a minor in French and a certificate in International Business.

As a proud and lifelong Pittsburgher, I have always been a huge fan of the sports teams in Pittsburgh, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins. Aside from the sports, one of the things that I love about Pittsburgh is the food scene, and I love discovering and trying new foods.  

I am extremely excited to be participating in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship this year with the PittBusiness Honors Program and am ecstatic to finally have an opportunity to travel abroad to Dublin, Ireland. I have chosen the Haller Global Honors Fellowship because it presented the earliest possible opportunity to gain experience abroad, while getting a head start on completing classes for my college career, but the main reason I decided to participate in this program was that I have always been fascinated by the rich history of Ireland and the growing business-scene that exists in Dublin. As a person interested in international business, I couldn’t be more excited to see for myself how a business operates in the international market and I am interested to see how the companies headquartered in Dublin address and overcome the challenges of international business in the real world.

For me personally, something that I would like to gain from this program is to see a new part of the world that I have not yet had the opportunity to visit and explore. I also hope to build lasting relationships with the other Fellows in the program. Academically speaking, I am eager to go out and apply and expand the knowledge that I have been acquiring through the Managing in Complex Environments honors course that we have been taking. My goal for myself in the professional sense is to begin to build a network of acquaintances in the companies that we visit both in Pittsburgh and abroad that I can utilize in my future endeavors.

I am so excited to finally be able to travel to a new country, and I am ready to take my Pitt Business learning from the classroom, to the city, to the world in Dublin, Ireland soon! Hail to Pitt!