My Personal and Professional Goals for the Haller Global Fellowship

For the Haller Global Honors fellowship, I hope to gain valuable career experience through the interactions with the various corporations we have scheduled. The diversity in these programs will give me a wide variety of environments to analyze, with analysis being my most profound strength (according to strengthsfinder). The learning style that allows information to resonate with me the most is one that includes traditional study of a subject, followed by an in-depth analysis of the real world applications of this subject. For the fellowship specifically, the blog posts and the in class discussions regarding the blog posts mesh the two experiences together and allow me to predict, or reflect on, an experience or information. This analysis will be more enriching when the program is taken on a global scale. Visiting corporations in Ireland will take the analysis on a global perspective and allow me to compare management practices across countries. This all ties to my professional goal of obtaining real world insights on management and business interaction. On a more personal level, I have family whom I’ve never met before that live in Ireland. A personal goal for this trip is to meet them for dinner, effectively allowing me to learn more about my family history.