Student Entrepreneurship

Micah Toll – Student Entrepreneur:  Based on what you see in the 5:36 video on Micah, how does his background and training as an undergraduate engineering student influence his entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is an engineering student like Micah a good fit for an independent business-related activity)?

Micah invented a revolutionary material while still an undergraduate student who hadn’t completed all of his studies. So, once he graduates and has a full undergraduate education, it seems like he would be capable of even greater inventions. This capability would enable him to create new things and possibly start his own company based on those inventions. If he creates something that people want, then he could start a business and sell his product, thus being a successful entrepreneur. His engineering background will help him with making a product that the public wants and he can built a business around.

Pitt Business Students as Entrepreneurs:  Now – thinking about how this video/topic could apply to you – how will your background and training as an undergraduate business student influence your entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is a business student a good fit for an independent business-related activity?)   

Business students learn all about establishing, managing, and sustaining a company. This information is essential for an entrepreneur, so having learned about it in depth in college gives business students a leg up in comparison to an engineer that was not very exposed to the business side of creating a company. An engineer could have a good product, but may struggle to get that company established and out to the world.

Other Examples Like This?:  So – if you have the opportunity to work with student entrepreneurs like Micah (either as a peer or as their boss/manager one day) – what support would you give them to get them to fully develop their talents/skills?

If I was to work above Micah or another student entrepreneur one day, I would support them by ensuring that they had the proper funding to perfect their products and explore new ideas. Also, if I had already earned my degree and I understood how to run a business, I would help out with that side of the upcoming business in order to take some stress off of the student entrepreneurs. At this point in my education, I do not know much about how to run a business or start a company, but if I was attempting to support a student entrepreneur I would try to take care of the business side and get the company/product out to the public.