Where I Derive Inspiration

Majoring in Business – Intellectual Benefits:  When I am really getting into studying or writing a paper, I listen to music that pushes me to think and to sustain this effort over time.  What is your playlist (or other form of art or music) that puts you into this type of zone? What are you looking forward to studying as an undergraduate business major?

  1. Eric Church- Springsteen
  2. Jason Aldean- Blacktop Gone
  3. Thomas Rhett- Sixteen
  4. Brothers Osbourne- Couple Wrongs Making It Alright
  5. Gordon Lightfoot- Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  6. T.I. feat. Big Krit- I’m Flexin
  7. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five- The Message
  8. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- 1st of the Month
  9. Warren G, Nate Dogg- Regulate
  10. Lil Peep- Better off Dying
  11. Youngboy NBA, Kevin Gates- TTG

I am looking forward to the opportunities that will become available to me as an undergraduate business student. In addition, I also look forward to the applicable big concepts learned in undergraduate business courses.

Majoring in Business – Intellectual Deficits :  While our motivational/inspirational playlists for academic work and research inspire us to push ourselves to great lengths in our areas of interest, we also need to consider the Pink Floyd song that is linked to the blog post prompt.  Undergraduate business education can be driven by a focus on grades and landing high paying and high-status internships and jobs. This can push us away from intellectual pursuits (similar to “We Don’t Need No Education…..”). Where do you see this in your choice to major in business:

While the ultimate goal of my undergraduate education is to land a job, maintain a career, and live a happy and fulfilling life, my philosophy of education revolves around one that encompasses many facets of life. I view the pursuit of an internship, the pursuit of a high paying job to have the same level of educational value as studying from books in a classroom. This form of traditional classroom study and education fuels my exploration into the world to find new opportunities. In a sense, without this traditional education, my fulfillment of the traditional business major stereotype wouldn’t be upheld. Personally, I love learning about finance, however, my choice to pursue business was to be cohesive with my political science education. To me, business teaches the individual a mindset, a strategy to navigate life. With political science, I can use this map to make a difference in the community.

Other Examples Like This?:  With four years of business education in front of you, how do you anticipate being able to take advantage of opportunities for intellectual challenge in your studies and personal/professional development and how can you take steps to mitigate the likely intellectual deficits that can arise through the heavy attention to monetary outcomes, status outcomes and the semester grind for grades?  

For years, my parents have always told me it’s not about the grades. This is not to be misunderstood, as I’d be questioned if I received anything that revealed a lack of effort. However, we live in a society that revolves around budgets, fulfilling deadlines, completing tasks, and climb the social hierarchy. Often times the success is derived from the completion of such goals, however, happiness is left up to the individual. Therefore, the one and only step I am going to take is to continue to do what I believe will make me happy in the future. This is not to be confused with immediate gratification. If I can focus on goals that I believe will be rewarding in the future, I can overcome the “intellectual deficit.”