My Ancestry

Keeping any sensitive personal information out of your blog post (such as birth dates of living people, etc.), are there any ancestors of your’s who you would like to learn more about?  Talk about any interesting ancestors you have (for example – I worked with a guy who was a descendant of a man who died in the Alamo in Texas in 1836, which was a long told family story that he wanted to investigate/confirm through Ancestry DNA testing).

I’d love to learn more about my family in Ireland in other parts of Europe, however, this mainly revolves around my desire to meet all my living relatives. When it comes to a more in-depth analysis of my family history, I’d like to learn more about my dad’s side of the family. It is unclear when my dad’s ancestors came to the US, but they’ve been here for several generations. At one point, my dad’s side did some investigation and found a note from one of my American ancestors that provides a theory of how the first of my family came to America. It was said that the first of my German ancestors that immigrated to the United States were killed by native Americans. It is unknown whether this fact is true or not, but I’d like to find out when my dads family came to the US. In addition, my last name was changed from “Firestone” to “Firestine” for unknown reasons. It is said to have been changed by my Great Great Grandfather due to either discrimination or a dispute over taxes. Hopefully, genetic analysis can dispel some of the myths of my family history and lead to a factual conclusion.