Close to the End

As another week passes, I realize that I only have 4 more days in Europe. I know this week will be exceptionally hard because all other programs in my dorm have left. All the people I hung out with are all now home and with their family. Although I knew this would be hard, I din’t realize how hard it would really be. I did everything with my group of friends and now I am here alone and wondering what to do. To add to it, it has given me quite the sense of homesickness. All the boredom and seeing the other interns home have really brought those emotions to the forefront. I miss cheap water, understanding street-signs and more importantly my family. I can not wait to be back and being able to relax before the semester starts. My time here has be invaluable, but all good things must come to an end.

My work has been great. I have been learning more and more things each week. My bosses have really taken on their teaching role while also getting me to do projects and assignments. I have really appreciated all they have done for me. For my company success is measured by the attention to detail and the quality of work. One good piece of work can be better then hundreds of other mediocre assignments. In turn, this has made me pay more attention to detail and not rush things. I believe I know thoroughly check and turn in great work. Although I have previously mentioned this before, This is far different from the United States. The United States rushes work, puts tight deadlines, and stresses out the employees. Due to this, people dread the work they do and the people around them who make them do it. The lifestyle is not healthy and needs to be changed. More employees need to be hired and work needs to be divided more. The less on peoples plates, the better quality work will be done.

In the industry I am in, they look for driven people. The startup industry is no place for lazy and non motivated employees. Each minute maters and the quality of work can set you apart from the competition. It really does take a special type of person to be able to start a small business and I have been able to witness that during my internship. Whether it was my bosses or their partners, everyone of them had such a passion for what they do that it appeared they weren’t working. I have learned that I must be prepared for very long hours and weeks. My bosses get up early and stay late each and every day to satisfy their clientele. Although it sounds demanding, I hope to one day find my equal passion.  The people in my industry are successful because of their work ethic and their belief in their brand. If i ever want to witness the same success I too would have to be as diligent as them. Although growth may be slow for many startups, the determination and confidence in oneself needs to always be there. I am excited and very appreciative for being placed in the position I was. I now know what is needed to successfully start and run a company.

My goal moving forward is to be able to start a business of my own. I now have background in the startup industry and have great connections and references to help me moving forward. The important part of a startup position is that it exposes you to all sides of the business world. Although I am a finance major, I can not overlook the value of logistics and marketing. My current position has taught me the importance of these both. I feel that I have a great understanding of all parts of a business and am excited to use what I have learned moving forward.

This last week will be very bitter sweet. I will miss Prague and all the memories I have made during my time here. I will miss the friends I have made and the people who have made this journey great. But I am excited to be back home, to see my family, and to use the knowledge I have gained from this trip. I can’t wait to see what career path I chose, I just know that regardless of what it is I now know the work ethic and passion needed to succeed. This summer will not be forgotten.