Problem Solving

The summer has came and gone faster then I could have expected. Everyone told me it would go by fast but I really just thought that was something people said and that it didn’t hold value. Now sitting here at home in Pennsylvania all I have left to do is look back and reflect on the amazing summer I had. This summer taught me so many things and introduced me to great people. Both the skills learned and the friends created will last me a lifetime. Although part of me still wishes to be overseas I am forever grateful to be home with the ones I love. I have no regrets of traveling abroad and will do it again at my next earliest convenience. I traveled to seven different countries, walked through centuries of history, and met hundreds of fascinating people. From Budapest to Croatia, each place has taught me so much and has given me so many experiences. MY favorite destination had to be Croatia. The riveting city of Dubrovnik really had my eyes wide open everywhere I looked. Each new building and street had its own story. I will definitely be returning. Each experience taught me so much about myself personally and proved to me that I am able to be independent. I knew I would learn so much professionally, but the personal aspects I really was not expecting. I now feel as if I am a better rounded person who can take whatever life throws at me.

Career wise, I also grew greatly. My supervisors taught me rather then put me to work and I really saw it paying off at the end. I now understood why I was doing things and why they had to be done. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to be placed with such fantastic people who cared about my development as much as they did. I truly grew and developed under their wing. This, paired with my personal growth has really made this program worth it. I am extremely glad I made the decision to study and work abroad.

At my place of work, there are many ways in which feedback was delivered. The primary way was through an online application called slack. Here, I could turn in projects proposals and message my bosses. My bosses assigned me work in the application and I turned it back in to them through it. From there they would give me comments or improvements. We would then send it back and forth until the document was completed. I felt as if this was a great way to communicate and learn. I got great feedback in real time and was able to see exactly what they wanted me to fix. I learned through trial and error. By the end of the program there was less need for the back and forth due to me understanding what was required.

This program has taught me all sides of the business world. From finance to marketing. I have learned the importance of venture capital and how to scale a business after receiving funding. I also learned how to implement a proper marketing strategy in today’s digital world. Marketing is not as easy as it used to be, but it also could never be more effective. Through social media companies can now reach millions of people with one post. That kind of engagement can really bring business in a companies way. I always overlooked the importance of marketing, now understanding the importance has really made me appreciate and understand the field. No matter what business it is, they all can benefit from a proper marketing strategy.

I am sad to see the summer come and go, yet I am extremely eager and excited to apply what I have learned. I am a far different person then I was when I committed to this program. I now have far more knowledge about industries as well as my own capabilities. This year I will apply this directly into my coursework and see how it pays off. I also will utilize and show my skill to my future employers. Hopefully, the employers will see that the program I committed to this summer payed off as much as I do. Although this summer is over, I have memories I will look back on forever. I have stories to tell forever, and I have experiences that I will never be able to forget. I would recommend this program to anyone that is considering it.