London Daily

There is always so much preparation that goes into studying abroad, yet it never quite seems to be enough for those small details. For example, I knew I would be living in a flat somewhere in London with flatmates that I did not know. I could never have guessed, however, that there would be six of us living in two bed rooms and one common room. I might have understood that space here would come at a premium, but seeing it in practice is a much different scenario. Despite the required adaptation, the flat has been a relatively nice living situation. Out of the six of us, the majority get along extremely well and the living area has been much cleaner than people might expect from six college age guys

The most valuable thing by far, though, has been the location. From what I’ve heard from other students on the program, the other flats are generally nicer but cannot compare on the sheer ease of operating from our area. All of our courses take place at the CAPA London office, which is only a ten minute walk away. This means that mornings can operate at a much better time on class days and you never have to worry about getting back at unreasonable times for late courses. I have been lucky even by the standards of people at this location as my workplace for my internship is only a half hour commute. I only have to take the tube four stops and then get a nice fifteen minute walk from the station to the office. This short walk is a nice way to get a bit of movement in, waking me up if need be and providing some more consistent exercise.

Having an outlet for calories has been helpful because the food in London is much better than it generally gets credit for. One of the big stereotypes about traveling in the United Kingdom is that the food is incredibly bland compared to other locations, but I have not found that to be the case. My food of choice has been curry as London is one of the best places in the world to get this. I have yet to find a super high quality restaurant for when I want to go all out on curry, but there is a fantastic take-away place nearby that is reasonably affordable and has better food than most of the pricier places.

Overall London has been a good city to operate in so far and I look forward to spending the rest of my semester in such a vibrant city. Courses have been challenging while still being reasonable and my internship has already introduced me into a world of opportunities I might not otherwise have come across. The limits are sky high for the next few months.