A New Adventure: Remote Edition

 Welcome to my blog! My name is Krishan Patel and I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m from Hillsborough, New Jersey which is twenty minutes away from Princeton, for reference. I have lived in three different towns in New Jersey, a town in eastern Pennsylvania, a town in Belgium, and now, the city of Pittsburgh. Even though I have been moving around my whole life, I love to travel and visit places I have never seen before. Fortunately, I have been blessed to be able to go see the world, visiting twenty countries thus far. During middle school, when I lived in Belgium, I experienced different types of culture, people, and languages since I attended an international school and lived in a foreign environment. I also love golf & football. I played on the varsity golf team at my high school and play for leisure when I can. I did not play football, but I was raised as a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan!

I am studying Finance + Business Information Systems with a minor in Economics and working towards a Certificate in Business Analytics in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. Around campus, I am involved with the Social Responsible Investment Portfolio. This portfolio has access to real world funds and we invest this money into the financial markets as a club. I am apart of the Industrials and Materials sector team which focuses on the analysis and supervision of the portfolios Industrials and Materials holdings. Since I had a good second year as a junior analyst, I am working for a leadership position in the upcoming academic year. I am also the business manager for the newly formed Frisbee Golf club at the school, which will, hopefully, start this year.

I worked as a camp counselor at a golf course near my home over the summer, and provide tips on technique and make sure there is a safe environment for the young golfers. I also have work experience at Chipotle, where I refined my communication and team-work skills under pressure. I also have internship experience at a local law firm that was an opportunity presented to me through my high school. This internship helped me prepare for what working in a professional environment might feel like. I was showed what it means to work apart of a team on a bigger project. This experience has had numerous benefits for me in college such as being able to work with groups easier, time management, and expanded my professional network. As a sophomore at Pitt, I attended the BNY Sophomore Leadership Summit and the PNC Leadership & Education for Advancing Diversity Summit which were great professional networking events that I used to improve my professional presentation.

Through the Global Business Institute program offered by the international programs office, I have been provided with the opportunity to work with Andiron Group, a communications firm, for a six-week program where I will be communicating with employees in Australia as well as interns state-side to help advance the firm’s goals of expansion across Australia and internationally. While I would have loved to actually be in Australia, I believe that the changing landscape of the world due to the pandemic will effect the way we conduct business and this virtual experience will do a great job to prepare me for what is coming in the near future. As my in-person internship was cancelled for this summer, this is a great opportunity to develop as a communicator and reliable team-member as well as expand my professional network to a brand new continent. I am excited to start my work and learn more about Australian culture!