My Haller Global Honors Fellowship Experience: Completely Virtual and Absolutely Amazing!

When I first received the email notifying me I had been accepted into the Pitt Business Honors program, they mentioned the chance to get college credit before my first year of university, as well as a chance to visit Ireland! After the COVID-19 outbreak and other summer plans I had started to get canceled, I figured the Haller Global Honors Fellowship was a lost cause. I received an email updating me that it was moving fully online, and would only be two weeks instead of four. I still wanted to do it, but went in with low expectations.

After these past two weeks, I highly recommend the Haller Global Honors Fellowship to any incoming Pitt Business Honors freshmen. The Pitt faculty members were so incredibly helpful, kind, and supportive. The alumni who talked to us were very enthusiastic about being able to help us further our own careers, and they gave us great tips to maximize our Pitt experience. I was able to see how successful people in the business world operated, and what they did to reach that point. The presentations given to us about the different programs offered were informative and quick. What was an hour-long presentation felt like a mere 10 minutes. I talked with and was able to get to know other incoming freshmen and what brought them to Pitt. Being able to work for an actual business overseas was a great experience which really intensified my passion for international travel. The presentation of study abroad opportunities as well made me very excited for my years to come at Pitt.

With such packed days and only two weeks to complete the project, I feel I got a great experience of working quickly and efficiently with others. This will aid me in adjusting to the demands of college courses, and will come in handy when I need to work under a tight schedule. I also got valuable experience with strictly virtual work, which applies to some of the courses I will be taking at Pitt. It is certainly a bit more difficult than being in the same room as my peers, but it was a smoother experience than I would have expected.

The biggest challenge I encountered was definitely making the report for the business owner. I felt a bit unqualified due to me not even being a college freshman yet, but the counselors for the program made sure I knew that the owners knew that. My group and I still put in our best effort, and seeing how happy the business owners were when we finally showed them our completed project was amazing.

Overall I had an amazing time during the program, and it surpassed all of my expectations. I felt very welcomed by Pitt, and the alumni spoke very highly of their time there. Everything I have been exposed to these past two weeks and how supportive the community has been makes me super excited for my next four years at the University of Pittsburgh.