The End of my Global but Virtual Experience

Hi everyone! I cannot believe I’m writing my final post already, it feels like just yesterday I was writing my first post about being nervous to start. Looking back over my time interning at Accountant Online in Ireland, I am grateful for the experience of learning how to work both remotely and virtually, especially in given the current situation. I was also able to overcome the challenges I faced while interning including the time management of my different tasks and the motivation to stay focused while working solely on my computer.

Through my time, I experienced and worked in different areas of business that I normally would not have focused on. These areas were marketing and sales and since my major is accounting, these are all very different. At first, I thought this was going to be a challenge since I wasn’t sure how to do these areas well. Luckily, with the combination of working with my supervisors and being a quick learner with my tasks, I was able to complete my work well while helping my supervisors’’ days in the process. I am grateful for this opportunity to explore a different side of business because I know how important both marketing and sales are for organizations and even if that is not my future career, I know those areas will affect my future career. 

Also, I learned transferrable skills from doing my day to day tasks. Every day I communicated with my supervisor whether it was through an email or a chat or video call on Microsoft Teams. I learned how important communication is first hand. Also, I strengthened my communication skills through my work. Some of my marketing tasks included editing a website page or writing a Linkedin event and my sales tasks involved writing emails to chase clients who have previously expressed interest in the company. Through both of these types of tasks, I wrote information each day and learned the best words to describe an event or a package to buy. 

My greatest accomplishment was not one big thing but rather an everyday thing. Each day I would have to categorize clients into one of four categories for the company’s new customer relationship management platform. When I began, there were around 1700 clients that needed to be categorized. At the end of my time, I got that number down to the high teens with the only clients left being duplicates. During the first week, this seemed like it would be too much. By the time I got the hang of the software and the patterns for clients, I knew I could accomplish this over the remaining weeks and was excited when I did.

I am very grateful to Accountant Online and CAPA for helping me through the application process and the six weeks of interning itself. I have learned so much and now have a great first step in my professional career. I also want to thank the Paul W. Hillier Jr Family for the scholarship which allowed me to have such a great virtual experience!