The End of My Virtual Internship Experience

Hi everyone! These past six weeks have gone by so quickly, and I can’t believe I’m already writing my last blog post. At the beginning of my virtual internship experience, I was honestly both nervous and excited because I didn’t know what to expect but, I was eager to go through this experience as I knew it would be a unique one. Now that this experience is coming to an end, I realized that these feelings are completely normal, and those feelings have changed since then. Now I feel happy and accomplished that I had the opportunity to go through this experience where I was able to learn and develop many skills. 

From my first blog post, some of my goals were to develop my skills in communication, time-management, organization, and gain global knowledge. I believe I was able to successfully develop these skills these past few weeks as well as learn new systems and accomplish tasks that were outside of my comfort zone. Communication was one of the most important aspects of this internship as I had weekly meetings with my supervisor through Zoom twice a week and continuously kept in touch with each other through email, WhatsApp, and other collaborative platforms. I was able to advance my Zoom and email etiquette as well to be able to communicate professionally and effectively.  I also had to learn to manage my time since MCE Consult is based in London, there is a five hour time difference from where I live. Hence, I had to adjust my work schedule to work early on in the day, so if I encountered any issues, I could still contact my supervisor within their working hours. I was able to stay organized with the help of learning new systems because the majority of the systems I learned how to use included collaboration tools that organized the projects I had. Some other systems I learned were tools for me to complete my tasks, which were used to create social media campaigns and research to create relevant content regarding digital tools. Lastly, my supervisor and I found ways for me to gain not only global knowledge but cultural intelligence and intercultural competence as well. I learned that by showing genuine curiosity for the location of my company, I was able to learn so much more about the culture of London and how it differs from the United States. Although there were many challenges I faced trying to develop these skills, I honestly believe being able to successfully develop these skills was the greatest reward I gained from this experience. From my tasks of creating social media content, I had to be creative in how I presented my research, so sometimes, I had to step outside of my comfort zone. I created many videos, which were one of my biggest challenges because it is not something I’m used to, and I had to learn how to edit videos and figure out what was the best way to present my knowledge. Some tips I learned from my Introduction to Marketing class helped me with this process. 

Although the work I did for MCE Consult didn’t necessarily pertain to my major, which is Accounting. I believe all these skills I learned from this experience will help me in my academic coursework as well as for my future in general. Overall, I had a really valuable experience working with MCE Consult and I will continue to use the knowledge that I gained. Thank you to everyone for reading my blogposts!