New (Virtual) Adventure to Puerto Rico

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Vertucci, and I am excited to begin the International Consulting Project “in” Puerto Rico. My team and I will be consultants for the nonprofit, Caras con Causa. Their mission is to eradicate poverty through community-driven development. Caras con Causa has four areas of focus: ecology, education, community organization, and economy. We will specifically be working to create media kits.

I am really interested in this project for several reasons. First, I am looking forward to gaining consulting experience by working with and adding value for our client. Second, I have interests in both education and sustainability, and this project will combine both! Third, I always welcome the opportunity to learn about another culture. Although this project is virtual, I have already learned so much about San Juan, Puerto Rico, including the impact of historical events and current issues Puerto Ricans are facing.

In terms of my background, I am currently a Sophomore majoring in Supply Chain and Global Management and pursuing Certificates in German and Business Analytics. Outside of the classroom, I recently started a marketing internship at Pitt Eats and I stay busy with student organizations.

Looking forward to this project and blogging along the way!