From the Comfort of Home: My Virtual Internship in London


Hi everyone! My name is Dylan Ogilvie, and I am a sophomore student here at Pitt. I am majoring in Finance, minoring in Economics and History, and pursuing a Certificate in Business Analytics. This path of study feels the best for me as it allows an intersection between the analytics of finance and the historical side of economics. This combination will provide me a nuanced outlook on financial markets. While I am not sure of my ideal job after graduation, I am interested in becoming a financial analyst. Outside of the classroom, I am involved with clubs like the Society for International Business (SIB) where I served as the Vice President of Finance last semester, and Panther Equity.

I spent my early childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. However, at the age of 8, I moved to Doylestown, PA (I’m apart of that “outside of Philly group”!). As a first-generation college student and the eldest child in my family, I relied heavily on my peers and teachers in high school to guide my college decision. Once I assessed my skills, preferences, and financial situation, I ultimately decided that the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration was the right choice for me. The opportunities for international experiences within CBA is something that drew me to the program. I love to travel and have been so fortunate to travel to Ireland and the United Kingdom already.

Since coming to Pitt, I have made every effort to take advantage of the incredible international opportunities. In freshman year, I applied and was accepted to the GBI study abroad program in Vietnam. I was so excited to learn about global management in a global context, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, our trip was cancelled. That is why I am so excited to have  second chance to participate in Pitt’s Spring 2021 Global Business Institute Virtual Internship program! This program allows students to experience an international internship in the comfort of their own home or dorm and was the perfect way to gain an international experience amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

My placement is with Venture Business Research located in London, England. Within the company I am working with the Clean Energy Pipeline division which is a “leading global source of  subscription-based data, research and business intelligence on venture capital and private equity funds and their investments, M&A and the public capital markets in the Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy sector” The Clean Energy Pipeline division is incredibly accessible to clients with its online platform and provides the most up to date transaction data.

Within the Clean Energy Pipeline division, I will be working as a Finance Research intern among a group of thirty analysts. My supervisor, Chenwu Qian, has really taken the time to work with me through each assignment I have been given. Chen has also engaged in great conversations about finance with me, which I feel has already broaden my understanding of finance in the ‘real world.’ Having my placement in London is really nice, because I have visited before and can truly visualize the environment I would have been working in.

This is my first true ‘professional’ experience in the financial field, and I am hoping to get everything I can out of it. In a professional sense, I would like to develop my financial research skill set and understand different types of transactional financial agreements and network with others in the financial research field. I am incredibly grateful to be receiving academic credit for this opportunity, and in my future classes I would like to apply what I learned in my internship to class material. Finally, on a personal level, this internship will provide me with skills in adapting to new environments and time management with different time zones. I have often thought about how I would like to potentially live in England one day, so this internship is truly invaluable. So despite the early wake up calls (time difference truly is a pain!), I know this amazing experience will be something employers ask me about in the future.

I can’t wait to continue my journey with Venture Business Research!