Pittsburgh to London, Across the Ocean Virtually

Hello everyone! My name is Chloe Heusey and I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Finance and hope to use my education to work in investment management and eventually own my own business. I am from Cranberry Township until 2014 when I moved to Reno, Nevada. In Reno, I attended a career technical academy where I was in a business education program that interested me in finance and management. After graduating from this career technical academy, I moved back to Pittsburgh to go to the University of Pittsburgh.

Since attending the University of Pittsburgh, I have become involved in the Panther Equity Fund and the Women in Business Club. I have also started the Closer Than You Think Club and am currently serving as the Business Manager to help out of state students to feel more at home in Pittsburgh. This club has helped people to learn about the country. When I am not studying or in class, which is rare to see if you ask anyone, I am playing with my new bulldog puppy that my family got during the pandemic or somewhere outdoors. My new puppy has also inspired me to design and sell handmade dog bandanas at local boutiques. This has helped to expand my networking and apply my business skills.

I will be participating in CAPA’s Virtual Internship Program with my internship location being in London. I will be working with my employer to help as a marketing executive and business development intern. This internship includes designing posting schedules and marketing the services that the company offers to help small businesses. In a time of the pandemic, there are small businesses that are not able to be as profitable as they would so I will be helping to connect the small businesses to the company with social media and events.

Professionally, I am looking forward to learning business manners and other practices in a work setting.  I think that this will help me to learn about global business in a time when there is a pandemic to help with global competency in my career. I also think that with the virtual part of this internship, I will apply skills that internships do not have when there is not a pandemic and will help my skill set for my career. Completing my internship will help me to learn more about London and the culture that is at their work setting. While I will not be working at the office, I will work through Zoom and other social media to help with marketing skills and management skills.

Academically, I am excited that I will be able to apply my skills that I have learned about in my courses. I believe that my employer will be able to show me how these skills are used in everyday work settings and how they may be applied around the world with cultures. These skills will help me when I am in my business classes so I can see their applications.

Personally, I think that this internship will help me to become more confident in my work and in my own career. This internship will show myself that my courses and knowledge will be able to help me towards my career that I would like to have in the future. I also think that this internship will help me with my personal small business that I have. I think that personally I will be able to learn better skills and meet working professionals that can tell me about their careers and teach me what their careers are like.