Midway Already!

I can’t believe we are already halfway done with our projects! The amount of knowledge and insight I have already gained is immense and I can’t wait to learn more as we encounter the next half of our research. As we faced our midpoint meetings, my group and I have already gained very insightful feedback as to what direction we will head into with our research. Our communication with Mr. Wachter has been clear and I think we now have a better idea of how we can assist Possehl Online Solutions to the best of our abilities. I’m so excited to see where our deliverables will end up and I can’t wait to look back on all of our efforts and see how far we’ve come. However, I do anticipate there being challenges as we continue to move forward in our research. 

Of course, the biggest challenge that needs to be addressed is the virtual aspect. Even meeting over zoom with my fellow teammates can present itself to be challenging at times. Whether Wi-Fi cuts out, or availabilities don’t match up, it’s always difficult to complete a team project via zoom. However, I think that my team and I are pushing through the challenges of zoom while collaborating in an effective way. With regards to the client, it is quite hard to build a relationship with someone through a screen, especially if the screen is in a different country. I am sure that it’s difficult to put so much trust into a group that you have never even met in person. I’m happy to say that I believe Mr. Wachter has a lot of faith in us, I’m excited to continue to build our relationship with him and Possehl Online Solutions through the next few weeks. Looking into the culture map, the United States and Germany are never far apart on the various spectrums. Both the US and Germany are more so task-based rather than relationship-based with regards to trusting, which is very fortunate considering it is difficult to form relationships through a screen. Again, hopefully after our client meeting and showing Mr. Wachter our research, he trusts us to move forward in the direction we’re going. 

My perspective of global business has changed immensely since starting this program. I wasn’t necessarily sure what to expect, as I have never been through such a global hands-on program, but it has definitely changed my way of looking at business on a global scale. For one, having to take time zone differences into account has been interesting. It has not created any issues for us, but keeping in mind that the time we send our emails out in the US is a completely different time in Germany is extremely important. Some new perspectives I have learned definitely revolves around the manufacturing industry and its presence in Germany. Before this project I knew nothing about manufacturing or industrial printing, but through this project I have already gained so much insight about the industry and its effect on the German economy. So many people are employed in the manufacturing industry and so many different companies specialize in different types of machinery or mechanics. I truly never thought I’d dive as deep as I have into the field of manufacturing, especially within the German sector, but I have actually found everything to be very interesting. During our research my teammate Hailey and I have been researching various competitors that could be of threat to Possehl. Competitor analysis has always been interesting to me and I am so glad to find that I have been thoroughly enjoying researching various companies and what products or services they have to offer. 

Overall, I believe my group and I are in a good direction with our research and findings. The midpoint client meeting definitely added clarification as to what we should focus on and/or change directions when researching. I have learned so much so far and have gained an entirely new outlook on global business and the manufacturing industry in Germany. I’m so excited to see where the rest of our time in this project takes us and I look forward to continuing my research!