Mid Semester Update

25 Best Things to Do in Augsburg, Germany

Hello, everyone! I can’t believe we’re half way through this semester, everything is starting to pick up and our final presentation is nearing. Our team has worked on a presentation of our findings for Mr. Wahtner and Possehl Online Solutions where we have received feedback on how to proceed with our final project. I am excited to continue working with the Germany team and Professor Johnson in the upcoming weeks to bring together what we’ve researched. Our team has worked hard and tried to mitigate any challenges we encountered, everyone has been very flexible and understanding throughout this project. 

Moving forward this semester with online classes, extra-curriculars, and the International Consulting Project for Germany there have been new challenges with navigating the Zoom environment and balancing the “new norm.” But like I mentioned above, our team and clients have been really flexible and  understanding throughout this process. There have been new norms that we all as a society have had to learn in a short amount of time such as Zoom “etiquette” and work/life balance from home. These new norms have led us to learn to be more patient and get creative with solutions to new problems. 

Other things our team has had to navigate are differences in cultural norms between Germany and the United States. Such differences for Germany include executives act like mediators, new proposals are met with skepticism to avoid uncertainty, and decision making is a systematic, slow process (bottom up approach). As a team we have learned to work efficiently and now understand how to utilize our clients time to ensure we make the most of our presentation. Our deliverables were met with feedback and uncertainty based on how they understand the situation, but we have been able to utilize the uncertainty and back it up with the research we have done. We also realize that our client is an executive who is used to handling startups and large firms, therefore we were able to tailor content that could match what he was looking for. Possehl Online Solutions is a startup and is keen to get new research that could benefit its client and company moving forward, they have been very receptive to our research but cautious about the real implementations. Overall, our team is used to a fast paced, client focus approach; but we’ve learned to cater to the German startup we are researching for. Our team has taken a more collectivist approach towards how we view our research and worked to look at the implications of our decisions. 

Ultimately, I am very excited and fortunate to be working on this team, project, and with Possehl Online Solutions. This experience is very unique, where I get to be learning new things everyday from different people. Everyone is very supportive and understanding while still being task oriented. There are new things I’ve learnt from working with our clients such as how to be forward thinking, time efficient, and goal oriented. Our clients have had smart goals from the beginning and have looked forward at all the possibilities in how to achieve them. They also are time efficient as they look at current events and their implications on their startup, capitalizing on working towards target markets and countries that align with their current offerings. Possehl Online Solutions is an amazing startup that has an amazing trajectory with great insight into their market. They know their capabilities and are willing to expand.