Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Curro and I am a rising junior majoring in finance and minoring in economics. I am originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania which is an hour north of Philadelphia. I play both guitar and bass and have an interest in anything music-related. I am currently the treasurer of Phi Beta Lambda, a professional organization on-campus. I am looking forward to starting my internship with Carysfort Capital in Ireland as part of the International Internship Program. In terms of my academic background, although I am only a rising junior I have completed nearly all of the business core courses Pitt offers as well as all of my general ed requirements, so I can focus on my finance classes and dive as deep as possible in the field I am excited to be studying.

In terms of my professional background, last summer I was an extern for AT&T as well as have run my own company “Curro Amplifier Solutions” where I sold guitars along with guitar-related equipment, turning a profit margin above 40%. I started my company after purchasing a guitar amplifier that didn’t have the sound I wanted, and after doing some research on the serial number I realized I could double my money if I sold that specific make and model of amplifier. Since then, I have researched multiple guitar amps that were released in limited quantities and highly desired by guitar enthusiasts on websites such as craigslist and apps like Offerup or Letgo. After purchasing these guitar amplifiers, I would put them on an online platform called Reverb, which expanded my customer base allowing me to get higher profits from the amplifiers I would buy. I then expanded to also include guitars and guitar pedals. I have also worked for the Thompson Detail Center in high school where I detailed customer cars and delivered finished cars to customers

Looking back at the first paragraph, the program I chose to do for the Summer of 2021 was the virtual international internship program in Dublin, Ireland. I chose this program because when I  committed to Pitt my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to pursue the opportunity of the international internship program to develop my global competency. Although I originally intended to be doing the 6-credit program where I live in Dublin Ireland for a large portion of the summer, I am excited for the opportunity to do it virtually as it will allow me to better utilize the technology, I have in front of me which will greatly help me in my intended field of finance that is changing to becoming more computer-oriented. In terms of academics, I hope to use this program to complement the classes I will be taking in the future towards my finance major and economics minor. By getting credits over the summer it will also help me reach my goal of graduating earlier because I am very excited to start my professional career.

In terms of how I hope to develop personally throughout the duration of this program, there are three areas I want to improve in. First is my communication skills. By working for and with people from another country with a different culture than I have experienced living in the United States my whole life, I have to learn to concentrate more on social cues as well as learn the differences in business etiquette so that I can communicate in a way that is seen professional to my supervisors and coworkers. Since the internship is virtual as well as in a different time zone than I am currently living in, I have to make sure all my assignments and meetings are scheduled to coincide with the time in both Dublin and Pennsylvania. I also have to make sure that I am consistently making contact with my supervisor throughout the internship program as it is easy to become distracted and forgetful when doing work online. Secondly, I want to improve my ability to analyze data as this has become very desirable in my intended field. This would include better learning how to utilize excel as well as other programs such as python and r to make the most informed decisions as well as construct models to solve problems. Lastly, I want to improve my desirability as an employee for a firm when I graduate college by gaining valuable work experience that I can translate into the aspects of the desired role and will allow me to have a headstart compared to other candidates for the job position.