A New Business Enviornment


The company I’m interning at this summer is patientMpower. They are a digital healthcare company that helps to provide solutions to those who are living with chronic lung conditions. I am working with the sales department as well as the data analytics department this summer. Today was my first day and after just a few hours of working with this company, it was a very rewarding experience. In order to be successful in this industry, there are multiple things I need to consider.

One of my top priorities are my communication skills. In order to work well with other employees at this company as well as with potiential and current clients, I need to have good communication skills. This includes being able to effectively report my daily activites to my supervisor and also being able to establish a relationship between myself and potential clients. Since sales involves a lot of cold calls or emails, it is important to make sure that I am communicating in the most effective way possible. Communication however goes beyond just interacting with clients and it matters a lot in the workplace.

Given that my supervisor is based in the US, it is a bit difficult to get the international internship feel in addition to working from home. That being said, I still interact with some of the company’s employees that are based in Dublin. So far, the most important thing that I need to get used to is the work culture. I’m unsure if this is a unique situation, but this company has a very relaxed environment. This was a bit uncomfortable for me at first because I assumed things would be more professional. It also will be a bit complicated for me in the future as I need to make sure I don’t cross a line in professionalism. I will need to find a balance in my communication style to ensure that come off as casual and professional (hopefully that’s possible).

In terms of data analysis, I need to be able to communicate and display my findings in a clear way. Explaining trends or how numbers work together is extremely important to ensure that the data is understood.  I had a meeting my supervisor and an employee that works in customer success today and we reviewed documents pertaining to the technology and patient usage of it. A lot of time was spent noticing the different ways that data can perceived and how we could make it clearer and easier to understand. In future, when creating and presenting data analysis myself, I will make sure I am clear with how the data is to be interpreted to avoid confusion.

Another skill that I need to have to be successful in this work environment is the use of certain applications. This includes spreadsheets, powerpoints, and documents. These will be used in every day activities. I should also be proactive in learning how to do things I don’t already know. Speaking of being proactive, when faced with an issue, I also need to be proactive to navigate a solution. Whether it be an issue with an interface I am using or with research, I can reach out to my supervisor or others in the company to come up with a solution or fix things myself.

My first task given to me today was a very clear example of why I need to be proactive. Unfortunately, as soon as I started working on my project, I felt very unprepared and overwhelmed. Rather than let this discourage me, I first reached out to my supervisor and he gave me tips on how to proceed. Still, I was having some difficulties and I ended up researching how to complete the task myself. Although this was a very low stress situation, it still gave insight on the paths I can take when I find myself at a roadblock. It is important to know these paths if I do find myself in a high stress situation.

I’m sure as I progress through this summer internship, I will be meeting more people in the company and learning more things about how to be successful when navigating this work environment. Hopefully, through interacting with more employees based in Ireland, I will be able to establish a relationship with them and feel like I am participating in an international internship. That being said, I am really excited about the work I’m doing to and I look forward to what’s to come. Glad to keep you all updated!