Becoming a London Gal

This is me!

Hi all! My name is Anuna Pollock and I am a Junior studying finance and supply chain management and getting a certification in international business. I am from Princeton, NJ and this is my second time in London!

Studying abroad was always on the college agenda and so it wasn’t a big surprise to find myself not at Pitt for a semester. The idea of me living in another country was exciting and an adventure I always wanted to partake in. Rather than just traveling I wanted to immerse myself in the city and get the full experience. However, I will admit 3 years back when I was looking at abroad programs London was not on the list of places I was looking into. I mainly chose the GBI program to fulfill the CPIB, however, I was most interested in the Australia location. With COVID-19 deciding to ruin my plans I had to make some adjustments. Now that I’m here, I can confidently say that I am so glad I chose to be in London. 

Pasta and wine at Emilia’s

Living in London has definitely been an incredibly big lifestyle change as my 10-minute walk to class became a 30-minute commute by the tube. Piada was replaced with something a little more authentic and tea was mentioned constantly. Blue skies – who knows what that is anymore. Navigating everything became a large learning curve but I can say proudly that I am getting the hang of it and could potentially pass as a local now (hopefully). 

Flat 6

If I was to describe my living situation in one word it would probably be entertaining. I found myself all of a sudden living with 4 other girls, only 1 of which was from Pitt with the other girls being from Hollins University and The University of Utah. With 5 girls in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment, it was bound to get loud and busy. Having said that, that is by no means a negative thing and I find every day to be fun and something new. We watch movies together after long days at work, explore together in our free time, and most importantly we look out for each other when we go out for some fun. We live on Alie Street in Whitechapel which is a central neighborhood within walking distance from the Tower of London and SkyGarden and easy access to the tube station which can take you anywhere. Many other students live in the same building as us and we often meet up at the pub across the street to catch up and grab a pint. 

new friends!

I look forward to seeing how the rest of the semester goes and what other cool places I’ll visit while I am here. 

Until next time! x