Fun in Firenze

Ciao, my name is Claire Leonard and I am spending this semester abroad in Florence, Italy! I am a junior in PittBusiness studying supply chain management and finance with a certificate in leadership and ethics. 

Back on campus, I am an executive member of Pitt’s breast cancer club, Pink Warriors, and a senior research analyst in Smart Women Securities. 

Professionally, I spent last summer and winter break interning for PAE and learning the ins and outs of government contracting. This upcoming summer, I willl be taking a look at a different side of supply chain as I intern with US Steel!

After two years of not being allowed to study abroad due to COVID-19, I am so lucky to spend this semester in Florence. I have always loved Italian culture, and the Global Business Institute program here stood out to me the most. The classes and experiences it offers are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am already learning so much.

As opposed to Pitt, my classes aren’t on a traditional college campus. All my classes are in a centuries-old building that houses CAPA, our education partner. I still have a mix of business classes and general education classes, but the class sizes are much smaller. Also, most of my professors are full-time professionals who just teach a section or two as a passion project. Although I am still getting used to the three-hour long classes, the related class site visits during the second half of class definitely helps. 

I live in Oltrarno, across the river and right between the Ponte Vecchio and Santo Spirito. I absolutely love it! My apartment sits right in the middle of a cute piazza, and is surrounding by cafes and trattorias. I live in a relatively spacious and modern apartment with three girls from other colleges, and we’re all having an amazing experience. At least twenty different universities send students to our program, so it has been a great opportunity to meet people from all over the country. 

Although there was some culture shock in the beginning, it’s still hard to complain about anything when I am living in Florence.