Developing in London

Cheers everyone! Welcome back to the City of London! These past few weeks have been great, filled with the most absolutely beautiful, spring weather, while trying to get back into the swing of things after a nice break. This week, I am going to talk about why you should study abroad and some differences you can expect if you plan on coming to England!

Honestly, my decision to study abroad was on a whim. As I mentioned last time, I have a twin brother (pictured below) that goes to Pitt as well, and his roommate was applying to study abroad in London, so my brother mentioned it to me and I decided just to apply to see what might happen. Now, me wanting to go abroad isn’t a total surprise in its entirety. Ever since looking at colleges, I have been wanting to have the chance to study abroad, more specifically in London, and Pitt has great programs for students to go abroad, whether that be during the regular semesters, or during the summer.

Me, my Dad, and my Brother over Spring Break!

Being abroad definitely has its perks. Although I am not doing an internship this semester like I intended, I have still been able to grow, both personally and professionally. Being abroad allows you to fully understand how important it is to be culturally diverse and how international companies have a huge impact on our daily lives back in the states. I have really been able to learn more about how business works here in the UK by taking International Marketing and Advertising and Marketing class here, where we look at the UK and other countries and see how they market to their consumers while also being cautious of different cultures.

Although most people may think that London may not be that different from the U.S., there are plenty of differences that contribute to culture shock, one of them being medications. I am someone who tends to get sick at least once a semester, so I take my usual medicine which is Mucinex and Dayquil, but, here in London, they have completely different medications and, sadly, don’t have Dayquil or Nyquil. It’s also pretty weird seeing people drive on the opposite sides, while also having very odd crosswalks that are, sometimes, in the middle of the road. 

View of the Shard and London Eye from Hyde Park!

By coming to London, you are able to fit in comfortably with no language barrier, while also expanding your classroom experience and learning about different cultures. Here in London, there are a wide variety of cultures that represent different areas, for example, in the East End, there is the infamous Brick Lane, known for its Indian food and Bangladeshi culture that you see when you walk around the area.  

If you plan on studying abroad in London, I would suggest to try and take some international courses in order to understand economics or overall business in other countries besides the United States. By preparing yourself for a difference in culture and economy, you are able to better adjust to your environment, and maybe order a pint correctly (make sure you don’t order a Shirley Temple, since they don’t have these- sorry to disappoint).

That’s all from me! Cheerio!