Adapting to Italian Culture and Business

Hi everyone!

After living here in Italy for a couple weeks, I finally feel as if I’m really finding my groove. I have learned and observed that Italians take life a lot slower than we do back in America. I, for one, am totally embracing this mindset. Cappuccinos in the morning, walks in the afternoon, and hours-long dinners are just a snapshot of this mindset here in Florence. Even though life can be relaxing here, sometimes I find myself missing the hustle and bustle of home. Sometimes it feels a little TOO slow here and I miss the fast-paced lifestyle I am used to. Language can also be quite frustrating sometimes. Although I am learning Italian while I am here, I am in no way proficient in communication. Thankfully, Florence is a city that is well adapted to tourism so many people speak both Italian and English. Whenever there is a communication error, I am usually hopeful that whoever I am speaking with can probably speak English. However, this can also be a hinderance. As I am learning Italian, I would like as much practice out of the classroom as possible. Due to my thick American accent, most of the time when I try and order something in Italian, I will be met by an English response. Sometimes this can be a frustrating experience, but I understand that most shop-keepers want to be as efficient as possible and may even wish to practice their English. Oh well!

My internship has been a very smooth experience so far. As I’ve worked with my boss more and more, we are more easily able to communicate with each other. For the project I am working on, a lot of brainstorming is required. As time has passed, we have been able to more effectively work together and bring deliverables to his clients. At the beginning of the internship, it was a bit harder for me to understand my boss’ routine and how he wants me to work best for him. Now we are working quite well together and I feel confident that we will create a campaign and brand we are both proud of.