Arrivederci Firenze

I can not believe that my semester in Florence has come to an end. The weeks I spent in this city have flown by. I am certainly a changed person.

I was able to learn and take classes that I would not have been able to take in Pittsburgh. In my Renaissance Art History class, I went and saw countless pieces of art and examine them up close and in person, and it was incredible. I have a whole new appreciate for the craftsmanship of the art around me. I also had the privilege of learning international marketing from an entirely different perspective, which I will reference throughout my professional journey.

Learning Italian while studying in Italy was also an extremely valuable experience. I was able to take what I was learning in the classroom to the world around me. I was so lucky to have a great support in my professor, Jenny McCord, as well.

Living in a foreign country for a semester certainly had its challenges. But I can now say that I am a stronger, more patient, and more caring version of myself. I adjusted and lived in a culture that was much different than mine. In Italy, no one walking in the streets is in a rush — and I learned that sometimes, walking at a leisurely pace does have its beauty.

I also learned make the most out of every situation. My roommate sustained a very serious injury while we were studying in Italy — and when something like that happens, it really allows you to see how much of life we take for granted. With that, I also learned that being a good friend is a better experience than anything you could buy.

When I return to Pittsburgh this fall, for my final year, I will come looking to make the most out of every situation, and really trying to find the beauty in every situation. An interesting aspect of Italian culture that I learned was how certain things in their day to day life exist to ease the stress of their jobs, and their lives. For example, the culture around sipping coffee on breaks and having longer mealtimes. I think I can learn from my time here, and implement my own moments of enjoyment while still carrying out my busying day.

I cannot thank my family, Pitt Business, and everyone who made my study abroad experience possible. It really was a once and a lifetime experience, and will be one that I carry with me for the rest of my life.

Some of the girls from Pitt and our professor, Jenny McCord, at the CAPA farewell dinner.