Un Día Mas

¡Hola Todxs!

I am Saoirse Hopp and I am a rising junior in the College of Business Administration. I am working towards majors in Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems with a Certificate in Business Analytics. Currently I am President of the Fashion Business Association, the VP of Marketing and Member Relations for Women in Business, and a member of Phi Beta Lamba. If I do not have something to do, I get restless, so this organizations are the perfect way for me to stay busy, build a network of amazing people, and cultivate my professionalism.

In my free time I enjoy exploring new restaurants (I am a BIG foodie), spending time with friends, dancing, and really any activity outside. I would describe myself as a very outgoing person who is enthusiastic to learn about the people and world around me. My enthusiasm for travel and learning about various cultures came from the love and appreciation I have for my own Irish roots. My grandparents are immigrants from Ireland, and it has influenced a lot of factors of my life; I grew up participating in Irish dance, cooking traditional meals, and drinking tea almost every morning. Hearing about my grandparents’ lives in Ireland and meeting my extended family members who still live there sparked my fascination with how culture influences who we become and what we do. Since then, I have wanted to travel to as many regions of the world as I could! People are what make this world interesting and that is why I am so excited for this opportunity to experience Spanish culture firsthand and create so many new friendships/connections along the way.

I chose the IIP Madrid program for two main reasons. Firstly, I have been taking Spanish classes since 6th grade and felt like it was finally time to really push myself outside my comfort zone and throw myself into a program in which I would have to speak and write in Spanish every day. While I feel that I have a solid base understanding of the language, I would like to leave Spain with an even greater knowledge of it and be able to understand the nuances of it and their impact. Additionally, I hope to feel more confident in my speaking abilities after the program. I have always found the speaking section of Spanish classes the most difficult because I would get so nervous about mixing up two words or not using proper conjugations and although that will happen during the program, I hope that after using the language every day, I will not let my nerves stop me from at least trying. My second main reason for choosing this program was because it has always been my dream to work at an international company after graduating college. I believe that this internship will give me the opportunity to develop my intercultural professional skills and learn how different cultures influence business practices. To work internationally, one needs to recognize and respect what is considered normal and respectful in the workplace depending on the country. I believe that the IIP Madrid program will allow me to

experience these differences first-hand and start practicing how to quickly acknowledge the cultural differences and adapt to them appropriately.

Although I am nervous for the culture shock and being constantly confused at the start of the program, I cannot wait to look back on this day and see how much change has taken root because of this program!

¡Hasta Pronto!

Saoirse Hopp