Berlin Send-Off

Hi all my name is Nick Tosatti. I just finished my junior year at the University of Pittsburgh, I am a Global Management and Business Information Systems double major. I am from Stratham New Hampshire. I very excited to embark on my study abroad journey as this has been one of my goals since the beginning of my college career. The program I have chosen in the International Internship Program in Berlin Germany. I am very excited to explore and learn about this amazing city and country.

Growing up in a small town I knew that I wanted to experience some place bigger which is how I ended up at the University of Pittsburgh, and why I wanted to peruse an abroad experience. Growing up I was fortunate enough to travel to several different countries which also inspired me to do this program. Through my travels I have met some incredible people that have made life long impressions on me.

While on campus I like to spend my time getting to know the city of Pittsburgh whether it’s through the many different sporting events the city offers of the endless different restaurants within the city. I also like to keep myself busy on campus. I work for the school newspaper as an account executive. This has allowed me to meet many wonderful people and build relationships with different small businesses throughout the city. I am also the philanthropy chair for my fraternity. This position has allowed me to give back to the community through fundraising events and community service work.

While abroad I have several different goals but something that is really important to me is immersing myself in the culture. IIP provides me with a great opportunity to do this because I will be working a full-time internship. Think this is best way to understand a new culture because it throws right in the middle of it. I also want to explore the city. I have always been really into history and Berlin is filled with it. I want to visit several different museums while abroad and all the different historical sites within the city.

Lastly I want to learn and become a contributing member of my team for the company I am interning in. I was placed as a BIS intern and I am excited to see the differences in how firms in Germany and the US do business. I feel as though this internship is going to help me a lot after graduation. I want to go into the Information Systems field and getting experience at an international company is really going to help me reach my goal of potentially living and working in a foreign country.

As I get ready to leave I have tried to not allow my mind to race and create wild expectations about what I am going to do. I think that it is best to go into a trip like this with an open mind and to experience things in the moment instead of creating an unrealistic set of expectations for myself before I even get there. An open mind is going to be key to help me over come unknown obstacles they are going to come up during this trip. I am looking forward to experience these things and become a stronger person because of them. Hopefully I will come back from this trip with a more cultured and diverse person.

I am excited to meet everyone and get started!