Managing precious time

Before I officially began my internship at Radio RCJ, I thought that the responsibilities I would be taking on would be both difficult and stressful. In other words, I made myself believe that they would give me too many tasks to fulfill within a day which would result in me not completing them properly nor correctly. There was of course something about the language barrier that was also worrying me. I was anxious about possibly hearing something incorrectly because of my limited expertise in the French language. As you can see, I was a little worried about starting work in a new environment along with managing my time.

But boy was I wrong! The first week at Radio RCJ was absolutely amazing and I strongly believe that better weeks are yet to come. I quickly learned that I was not the only intern at my internship which helped relieve my anxiety about being the “lost intern”. The intern that I was partnered up with was named Violette. She is currently a student at the University of Lille and who is also studying Journalism. She decided to apply for an internship at Radio RCJ because she also wanted to gain real journalistic experience. She has been an incredible person to work and share the internship experience with.

In general, we help each other with completing tasks in a timely manner. For example, the other day our boss asked us to create a press file which is a list of contacts of different media companies. We were assigned to find as many as we possible could and were also asked to provide, the company name, name of the individual, an email, or number. The process was a little difficult for the both of us because in some cases we were not able to find an email or number because that information was purposefully not shared with the public by media companies. We had to work as a team to contact media companies regarding the information so we could fulfill the assignment by the end of the week. Since Violette new French better than me, she was the one that made the calls to the media companies. I however, looked for any form of number or contact that Violette could have used. Thankfully, we finished the assignment on time and as a result our boss was extremely happy to see the completed assignment along with our cooperation and time management skills.

I made sure to do a couple of things during my first week in order to properly manage my time. For example, I made sure to give myself breaks! I think this a practice that is highly overlooked in the work force, yet so important to know. After finding at least ten contacts for the press file, I would get up from my seat and either use the restroom or get a drink of water. Even though the breaks were no longer than ten minutes it truly aided me to reset and return to my work with more energy and drive. In other words, by giving my brain rest I felt as though I could fulfill the given task in a more efficient manner. What also helped with time management was communication. When our boss originally assigned us the task, I understood her say something different. After, I asked Violette if she could kindly repeat the instructions to me in French of which I was able to clearly understand. Here, I think I managed my time well, because I asked for clarification on an important assignment. You see, if I had started doing something completely different then what was instructed, I would have felt as though I would have lost a lot of time and effort. Last but not least is cooperation. Teamwork is extremely important if you want to get things done. Although I did not know Violette that well at first, I knew that we had to finish a task together. I was the one that made the first move to exchange pleasantries which helped us get accustomed to each other. As the week went by we got to know each other pretty well and as a result became a great team. I think we have both helped each other with a lot of things.

Overall, I think my first week at Radio RCJ was a success in terms of time management. I believe that I learned a lot about myself, my work environment, and my colleagues and hope to continue to learn more during my two month internship!

À bientôt!