Adventures of Week 2

Hello everybody!

I am writing this on May 23, 2022 and I have officially been in Madrid for a week and a half – and I can honestly say this may be the most exciting week and a half of my life. I am still in such awe of being in Madrid and constantly trying to explore more of it.

After have completing my first week of work at The Circular Project Shop, I have been trying the best I can to put myself into a daily routine that allows for as much exploring of the city as possible. On Thursday of last week, my boss took me to a radio talk show interview she had, which was right in the center of Plaza de España – a new area for me. It was very exciting experience to be there and I learned so much about the morals behind her business model, and what The Circular Project Shop means to her. She explained to me that since her company has so much thought behind it, when marketing the company, she focuses more on the behind-the-scenes, and values of TCP rather than the products it actually sells. Having worked in steel manufacturing and federal contracting prior, this is not quite what I am used to and was very interesting to me. This is a side of marketing I have not really experienced yet, and am eager to learn.

Continuing on with my day after the interview, I hung around town for a bit to see what Plaza de España had to offer. This area is full of local, authentic, city life, and showed me a very non-touristy side of Madrid. After this, I met up with some family members and grab a few things from the pharmacy really quick. And during this 10-minute encounter, I ended up seeing my favorite actor in there- Jaime Lorento. He is a native Madridlean and stars in my favorite shows, La Casa de Papel and Élite. As much as I tried to keep my cool, I, unfortunately, fan-girled so hard when I saw him. Yet, I was able to get a quick photo with him and brag to all my friends about it, so I don’t regret it! And after all of this chaos, I headed back home, got some work done and ate dinner with my host family, hung with some friends over tapas, and got ready for bed before my internship the next day.

This week at work, my boss tended to be a little spread thin across tasks, so I have been trying my best to see if there is anything else I can help her out with, even if it does not directly relate to my marketing position there. She had me doing some small administrative tasks and helping out around the storefront, which I didn’t mind at all. I actually was able to help a customer get some clothing items for her beach trip and learn about this woman, and a different part of Spain! Day-to-day, my tasks have been changing, and my boss always keeps me on my toes. It is nice to be occupied at work and she has taught me to be very adaptable and alert. I would say, not just at work, but on a personal level, my time management skills have improved so much already due to the motivation this city brings me. I find myself always wanting to occupy my time – and finding ways to do so. Whether it be asking my boss what slack I can pick up for her at work, or going on a run in the park before dinner with my host family, I want to be as busy as possible and truly make the most of my time in Madrid, socially and professionally.

Overall, the work environment of Spain is much more relaxed and offers many advantages for an adventurous student like me, who is only here for a short amount of time. This week, I was able to try new foods, go to dance classes, meet famous Spaniards, and do what I came here to do – learn about the Spanish workplace. My time here has just started and I could not be more exciting for what’s to come.

Hasta luego,

Jesse Quiroga