Up, Up, and Away! Heading to Dublin


Hello! My name is Amanda Davis and in just a few hours, I’m off to Ireland! It is finally sinking in that I am actually leaving. I am truly looking forward to this experience and the memories that will come from it.

At Pitt, I am a rising senior double majoring in Theatre Arts and Media & Professional Communications and pursuing two minors in Film & Media Studies and Classical Civilization. While my academic load can be a lot, I also make time for some organizations on campus. I am a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and Pitt Dance Marathon to name a couple. Joining clubs and organizations have really helped me build my character and find my home at Pitt and it is something I encourage every student to try!

In my free time, I treasure self-care. You can find me journaling with a face mask on while New Girl plays in the background on my laptop. This does not mean I do not love to get out there and experience something new. I tell everyone, “I’ll try anything at least once.” This will certainly be my motto in Dublin as well when I fight the urge to try every food and drink at once. I also might be shy at first, but I promise I enjoy meeting new people. I am super excited to share the Dublin experience with other Pitt students and cannot wait to meet everyone at the company I’ll be completing my internship at as well!

When not on campus, I return to my family in Erie, PA. I have only lived in Erie for a few years and enjoy discovering new things about my home every time I visit. Before Erie, I spent 10 years in Hendersonville, TN (about 25 mins away from Nashville). As a huge Taylor Swift fan, I take immense pride in being from her hometown.

As someone who loves to travel and explore, I did not mind the adjustment from moving up north. My need to see the world is one of the reasons I chose to study abroad. I love learning about a city’s history from its food to its culture. I chose the Dublin International Internship Program specifically since Dublin is one of the best cities to experience art and culture. Since I was seeking a creative internship, how could I pass up the opportunity?

When trying to decide the specifics of what internship to get in Dublin, I knew I wanted to combine my two majors as much as possible. While I enjoy the arts and being creative, the Virgo in me is very organized and enjoys planning. I have experienced this within the theater as a stage manager and assistant director and I started taking media communications classes in hopes of working in advertising one day. I ended up getting the perfect internship with ThisIsPopBaby, a theatre and events production company, where I will be learning about what goes into PR among other tasks. I am intrigued by ThisIsPopBaby and the way the company challenges the definition of modern theatre. I definitely look forward to working with them!

The number one thing I hope to gain from this internship is an overall understanding about what it means to start a career. I am at that point in undergrad where I need to start making that shift, but it seems overwhelming. I have a pretty vague idea of where I picture myself after Pitt, and I believe this internship opportunity will allow me to get a better idea of what my future will look like. As a child who always seemed in a rush to grow up, I am ecstatic to be surrounded by professionals and also learn what living in a different environment can be like.

I’ll go continue to finish packing and rest up for my flight. I have yet to travel by myself before, so I am really wishing I do not get lost or misplace my phone in the airport. Once I settle into my seat, I know the rest of the travelling will be easy peasy. As long as I have my Spotify playlists, I can make it through any flight. I promise not to forget to knock on the outside of the plane when boarding. I always do this as my dad told me when I was little that it means a safe journey. I am expecting myself to spend most of the trip looking forward to what will come and all that Dublin has to offer!