Ambiguity Leads to Creativity

Benji Gluzman

Professor Koller

International Internship Summer 2022

June 6th, 2022

Ambiguity Leads to Creativity:

Well, we are now nearly three weeks into the program and my oh my does time fly when you’re having fun.  I have really enjoyed my time in Berlin so far both personally and professionally, and cannot wait for what the remaining weeks have in store for me.  At plista this week my main task has been conducting an analysis of our competitors’ social media accounts, and determining how we can improve our own accounts from such analysis.  I have found the analysis to be extremely useful as I have gained an understanding of what content performs best on platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  This will be very helpful for me heading into this week as my big task is to create a social media strategy for plista.  They of course already have one, but after completing mine my mentor and I can compare both strategies and make an updated one featuring the best ideas for each social media strategy.  With the knowledge I have gained over the past two weeks, I already have an idea of what content I feel is best for each platform mentioned above, and I look forward to presenting my findings along with my social media strategy to my mentor and/or boss this week.  Touching on some personal experiences that I’ve had this week visiting the local beach was definitely a highlight of this week for me.  It is on a lake where the water was relatively nice and the beach was packed with people.  Sadly, I’ve got an awful sunburn on my back but this serves as a lesson learned and was worthwhile regardless.  Another highlight of mine was a roller skating club my friends and I went to over the weekend.  I haven’t been roller skating in years so that was a bit nerve-wracking given that it felt like just about everyone was a total pro except for my friends and I, but it was still really fun either way.

Photo From Beach

My internship with plista definitely presents some ambiguity in the tasks I do on a daily basis, but this has luckily allowed me to be creative in my approach to completing these tasks.  To break it down simply, I am given tasks on a weekly basis which I have to complete, but there is no specific way I have to complete them.  So, this allows me to complete such tasks the way I choose to, which is definitely both ambiguous but also enables me to be creative.  This definitely presents new challenges to me as I have not had this much freedom in completing my work, as classes tend to have a much more rigid rubric which one must follow closely.  As a result I have come to learn that I need to take a block of time into account which is devoted to brainstorming.  Brainstorming in the sense that I need to cultivate a plan to complete these tasks both effectively and efficiently.  This has been very fun for me though, because I find myself as someone who enjoys such freedom and doing things my own way, so this is in a way ideal for me especially since much of the work I am doing is not too impactful in the grand scheme of things for plista.  This takes a bit of pressure off my shoulders as I will not feel as bad if I miss the mark on a task which they were hoping was done differently, and I am very thankful that this point has been expressed to me by both my boss and mentor.  They both understand this is a learning experience for me, and they ultimately want to see me grow, and such growth is sometimes noted most in failures.  

Piece of Art From Gallery

I would like to think I have been navigating through this well, as I am trying my best to complete these tasks to the liking of my boss while also using my own methods to completing different tasks.  This week specifically both my mentor and boss have been off of work for different reasons, so when I see them both this week I will truly see if I completed these tasks in an effective manner.   Regardless, as mentioned earlier if a task I’ve completed is not exactly what they are looking for I can be corrected in my mistakes and we can all move forward and I can continue to improve my work.  As someone who believes growth is accomplished through failure, I have no problem facing criticism as I know this is all a learning experience, and will come out stronger and better than I began when working for plista.

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