On the Road to Success

I cannot fathom that I have already been in Dublin for a whole week! Time has flown by insanely fast. We have experienced so much in such a short time. A few of the things I have seen include The Book of Kells, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and the National Gallery. When not exploring the must-sees of Dublin, I have also kept my promise to myself to try as many foods and drinks as possible. I’ve eaten some amazing fish and chips and keep sneaking bites of Irish soda bread every chance I get. I have definitely enjoyed the pub culture and sipping pints of Guinness while listening to live Irish music. I have yet to try any cuisine that was not superb!

While being in tourist mode has been a blast, it is sinking in that I have to start my internship tomorrow. I am a tad nervous not going to lie but mostly excited about such an amazing opportunity. For my internship with ThisIsPopBaby, I will be stepping into a blend of the theatre and media industries. My internship will be different from other people’s as while I will have time at a desk to get some tasks completed, I will also be needed on the floor in the rehearsal space. The world of theatre is one where you always need to be prepared to be on your feet since it is as physical as it is mental. However, the media industry requires a lot of mental and organizational strength. In order for me to learn what key skills are required for both industries, I need to examine one industry at a time.

First, there is the theatre and events side of my internship. From what I have experienced as a theatre student at Pitt, it is an industry that does not get as much credit as it deserves. I have been in the Cathedral of Learning till 1 a.m. some nights trying to clean up from performances or get costumes cleaned properly. The amount of physical demand the body of a theatre major goes through is no joke, whether that be on stage or off of it. Being in tune with one’s body is a good skill to have. This stands for both physical and mental health. Go for walks, eat balanced meals, journal, whatever keeps you happy and healthy. One of the biggest key skills to keep in mind is that theatre is a team sport. Ask for help while also being there if others need it. Productions could not possibly run smoothly if everyone involved was not on the same wavelength.

The media industry has key skills that also help companies run smoothly. Communication is a big tool in surviving a media job. Like theatre, media projects also have a ton of moving parts included. Communication will especially matter on the days of the week when I am working from home and will not be there in person to communicate with others. This means checking emails or my phone for important messages will come in handy. For example, I have already emailed my supervisor explaining that I look forward to working with her and if there is anything to be prepared to bring on my first day. Implementing organization will be a ginormous help as well. I have already cleared off the tourist pamphlets and papers from this past week of exploring in order to have a neat and tidy work space when I am working from home. I also have a physical and digital planner and keep my computer organized as well. Streamlining tasks will be easier with my physical and digital space not in a state of chaos.

Even if I am in a different country, I believe that all the key work skills mentioned are seen anywhere in the world. Any boss wants their employees on top of things and in Dublin that is no exception. I aim to put my best foot forward. I am excited to step foot into my internship tomorrow and possibly gaining new skills I am not currently aware of. A big thing I hope to learn is how to balance work and play as a study abroad student. I want to succeed in my internship, but also make time after work or on weekends to visit new areas or grab dinner somewhere new with my friends. I feel like once I learn to handle that balance, I will officially feel like a local. I am looking forward to another amazing week in this gorgeous city.

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