Bonjour from Paris!

This past week and weekend were jam-packed! As I continue to see more of this beautiful city and the many museums that London has to offer, I fall more in love. I also have been taking advantage of the proximity to other countries.

This week we visited 2 site visits for my class, International Business Issues and The City of London, which included Transport for London and Financial Reporting Council. Both site visits were amazing as TfL was interesting to see how the control room looked like and learning the variety of positions and roles it takes to make traveling in London go as smooth as possible. It’s also interesting to learn some fun facts about how many people use any type of London transport, especially when they carry more travelers in one month than British airways carries in one year. FRC was also interesting to see how the UK differs with their accounting standards and learning the equivalence in the US. This was also the most aligned site visit we’ve had yet with my accounting major, and it was nice to see how rules and principles work in another country.

My flatmates and I went to see the musical SIX which was about Henry VIII and his wives. SIX was an entertaining show while still being educational on the history of the King. We also got a chance to visit Tate Modern and Museum of London which were different than the museums we’ve seen so far but still interesting to see the different sides of the history of London.

To end this week my friends and I went on a weekend trip to Paris! Paris, like London, has been one of the many places I’ve dreamed to visit since I was little. Unlike London, though, Paris was much harder to navigate through. As someone who doesn’t speak French it was a major culture shock. Two of my friends did fortunately speak some French and was able to navigate us through the city but it was still difficult. As beautiful as Paris was, it feels nice to be “home”. Interesting enough I never thought I would think of London as home but after visiting Paris it feels like home.

As I stay abroad longer and longer, I am starting to notice a difference in myself personally and professionally. For starters, I have never been able to do things by myself or travel by myself but since this trip, I have started to look forward to my alone time. I feel that this not only personally benefits me but also professionally as I find it easier to take initiative in the tasks at my job. I also believe that as I meet more people in London I am appreciating and acknowledging other cultures more than before. In Pittsburgh I was able to explore these differences but not as much as I can in London. Professionally and personally, this is important especially after the pandemic because of how different people are and the number of interactions I have with people around the world.

As this marks the halfway point of the program, I am looking forward to seeing more of London and watching myself grow more as a person!

Until next week…!

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