Halfway point!

Only three more weeks left in London! This halfway point really made me realize how familiar and comfortable I have gotten with the city of London. I feel like I am living in the city rather than just being a tourist, although there are so many more things I need to fit into my schedule before I leave. This past week, I spent most of my time at my internship, exploring the city during the week and came back from a refreshing trip to Manchester.

One of the things I knew I wanted to take advantage of while studying in Europe was traveling as much as I could. I took a trip to Manchester last weekend, although it is still a city, it is much smaller than London. It was nice to be in a city where it is easier to find other students as there are many universities and campuses in Manchester. It reminded me of Pittsburgh and I constantly caught myself comparing their college life to ours in Pittsburgh. Surprisingly, there were a lot of similarities between the university of Manchester and the University of Pittsburgh! It was a nice change from the fast paced, city life here in London.

This past weekend, I took the Uber Boat to Greenwich, which is another borough in the city of London. In Greenwich, I went to the popular Greenwich Market which was set up with various stalls of different things such as homemade jewlery, clothes, and art. They also had stalls filled with different kinds of food and it was so interesting to try so many different cuisines, I was also able to visit the royal museums and went up to the observatory to have a beautiful, panoramic view of the city. Traveling to different places around the UK helps me understand the social etiquette here. It allows me to explore beyond the workplace and classroom.
I also try to find time around my internship hours to go to different places in the city of London and explore as much as I can. For instance, this past week I visited the Museum of London which gave me a great insight on the history of London, Transport For London, and the Financial Reporting Council with my class, watched Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theater and spent sunday on Oxford Street to do some shopping. This may sound like a lot, but I love being able to explore London and want to do as much as I can with whatever days I have left here.

It took me some time to be able to schedule my visits and exploring the city around my work schedule, but it is something I am grateful I was able to learn early on as it helps me develop crucial organisation and time-management skills. I enjoy being able to explore the environment that I am in all while educating myself and developing adaptability skills. Familiarizing myself with what London has to offer leads me to feel more comfortable in the city and establish more of a routine for my remaining time here.