Pour a Cup of Ambition, Working 9 to 4

Time Management

I cannot believe how fast time has already started to fly by. Everyone has completed their first work week at internship placements, and that means we are all one more week closer to flying back to the states. Although I thought I would be traveling around Ireland more in my free time, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking my time to explore the great city of Dublin. I recently visited the grand Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse.

Time management is a skill that everyone needs as a student, a leader, a manager, and an employee. It is something that no one can completely master because it takes constant upkeep, analysis, and development for everyone. So far, I have survived juggling a social life, studies, hobbies, and extra-curriculum activities throughout my academic career by having a flexible schedule and always writing what I can down. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their life manageable to invest in a Rocketbook planner.

I have gone years buying planner after calendar after schedule books to help me manage my time effectively. Although it did work, it was a huge waste of paper. As I transitioned into higher education, I wanted to be more environmentally conscious as a student. Eventually, I started making my own templates to manage my time and printing them out when needed. This option worked for me because I have decent graphic design skills and knew what I needed to organize my time as a student. I was able to downsize my contribution to paper waste by customizing the templates to be concise. During the pandemic, I ditched this organizational option and switched to using apps to manage my schedule. The only downside was after a while, I was suffering from extreme digital fatigue since I was a full-time virtual student for over a year. It became way too easy to simply dismiss any notifications, and I tended to forget about important dates. Thankfully, I realized that using an organizational app was not the most effective route for me. Soon after researching other environmentally friendly products, I came across the Rocketbook collection, and my life has changed for the better since purchasing one.

Whether you need a planner, a notebook, or both, Rocketbook has you covered. Before I get ahead of myself, I should explain exactly how their products work. Essentially, Rocketbooks are reusable, cloud-connected, productivity notebooks. There are several options for simple notebooks, planners, agendas, specific products for students, or a mixture of everything. Paired with Pilot’s Frixion writing utensils, the Rocketbook can be reused for years with proper care. After filling a page and scanning to cloud storage if needed, you can wash the ink away. Yes, I said to wash the page clean. Bonus points to Pilot for creating pens and markers that are erasable on pretty much any material.

As a student, purchasing a Rocketbook planner has greatly helped me keep track of all assignments, courses, and other important information. As a study abroad student, I still find my Rocketbook extremely useful while balancing an internship and a summer course. Currently, at my internship placement, I have been working in reception at the Stephen’s Green Club. Walking into this position with no experience was nerve-racking and confidence-shaking. Reception is the highest customer contact area of this operation, and I was nervous about learning how to operate the club’s hospitality software system. I felt the first couple of days were the roughest, but by the end of the week, I was pretty well adjusted to the working environment. I used my Rocketbook to take extensive notes about the ins and outs of the club’s reservation system, other reception tasks, and important information I needed to know. This has been extremely helpful to look back on when I am alone managing the phones or checking out a guest. Overall, there are no due dates or major assignments to keep track of but managing time while working in reception is almost a never-ending battle. When I first arrive at work, I am expected to balance the credit card transactions with the night audit. After that, the rest of the day is filled with managing incoming emails, and phone calls, making reservations, checking out guests, and other club-related tasks. There is a lot to juggle while working in reception, but it is possible. Thankfully, I have been a great support to the full-time receptionist, even though I am new to everything. Before I started, the reception area was behind for about two months. With the two of us working together for the past week, we have been able to catch up with everything.

I am extremely grateful to the staff at my placement who have helped me settle in and always great my questions with a smile. I cannot wait to continue to explore the other areas of this operation till I return to reception for my work final week.